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How to Breathe Life Into Your Partner Sales Process
August 4, 2016
How to Breathe Life Into Your Partner Sales Process

partner sales process

When your organization is looking to increase revenue (and, really, when aren’t you?), you generally turn to your sales team first. Right?

By now, we can assume that you’re aware of the benefits of partner channel sales. Partnering like-minded outside salespeople can boost sales activity, drive new revenues, increase your customer base, and capture opportunities you may have never considered.

But what happens when your process becomes deflated? Below are several ways to breathe new life into your partner sales process.

Seek partners with similar DNA

When shopping around for prospects to sell your products and services, it’s ideal that they are logical fits, and, if possible, long-term. You wouldn’t want a mime to sell a car, would you? Make sure that prospects complement your product or solution offers—and that they are able to sell easily and efficiently.

As far as the B2B sales process goes, it’s best to match your organization’s offerings with similar capabilities that other business need to grow. Let’s say you sell technology products, but lack the in-house expertise to load software or integrate the product internally. In this case, consider partnering with a company—or prospects—to handle this piece of the puzzle for you.

Through strategic partnerships, you’ll expand your service offerings to customers and capture business opportunities. It’s a win-win situation.

Focus on building and sustaining relationships

Establishing mutually beneficial relationships with your partners is the key to long-term, successful partner channels. Fueled by competition and drive, sales partners are often selling other products—sometimes, for your direct competitors. That’s why you need to find partners that invested in selling your product as much as you are.

Symbiotic relationships are ideal, when it comes to partner channel sales. When two entities work in conjunction with each other, good things are bound to happen.

Consider scaling up from the inside

Hiring new channel partners can be a daunting, expensive task (unless you do your homework, that is!). Regardless, sometimes the answer to growing your business rests in resources already at your disposal. Look for partners who are invested in your company’s sales process and engage them in ways that you previously never thought of.

On a similar note, have your partners do more with what they already have. In this case, encourage them to get the most out of pre-existing customers. Teach them how to upsell and cross-sell your product and how to increase lifetime customer value.

Enable growth amongst your existing partners

Just as it’s possible to hire from the inside, it’s also possible to grow using your existing sales partners. In fact, one of the most effective ways to cultivate superior sales partners—and boost your partner sales process—is to speed up their own learning process. How so? By paying close attention to your organization’s training processes.

Rather than inundate your partners with excessive modules and useless certifications, it’s crucial to build trust and transparency across your entire channel. Pay attention to the way you engage and organize your prospect. Ensure that you have realistic training goals established. And recognize when your reps are successful.