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How Hydraloop Uses Allbound to Scale Faster and Drive Partner Engagement

About Hydraloop

Hydraloop reduces water consumption with decentralized water recycling products. Their water recycling systems are completely sustainable. They don’t use filters, membranes, or even chemicals.

Hydraloop decided from the on-set that they would work with local and regional partners to enable scalability. Currently, Hydraloop has three teams located in the Netherlands, Middle East, and the US. The US team is focused on building a partner network throughout the US.

“We’re very much aware that we couldn’t have grown so fast, had it not been already strategized and set up in Allbound.”


Seeking a Repository for Resources to be Accessed in Multiple Languages

With partners all worldwide, Hydraloop has live documents in many languages that must be constantly updated. Hydraloop previously used Adobe Robohelp to translate the documentation into different languages, but then still struggled to ensure partners had access to the most up-to-date materials.

Hydraloop was looking for a Partner Platform that would provide easy access to materials, enable co-branding, cater to partner needs, and monitor sales all over the world.


Allbound Provides Non-stop Access to All Resources for Partners Worldwide

After extensive research, Hydraloop selected Allbound to support their needs. With Allbound, Hydraloop has reduced the time to onboard a new partner to just 30 minutes. Additionally, they can now monitor and support their partners throughout the sales process by providing access to a mirrored CRM where all deals are shared.

Within Allbound, Hydraloop has now linked their documents to where they’re housed in Adobe, ensuring everyone always has the latest version. The ease of the interactive platform makes it easy to engage partners and encourage them to reach out to Hydraloop when needed. As a bonus, Allbound is built to make it easy to scale as Hydraloop’s needs grow.


Hydraloop Partners Use Allbound Daily

Hydraloop now has 125 partners and 237 total users currently on the Allbound platform. Many partners use the platform daily, though there are others who are far less involved. Hydraloop measures Allbound activity to monitor how engaged a partner is.

“We’re very much aware that we couldn’t have grown so fast, had it not been already strategized and set up in Allbound.”

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