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Have You Heard of PRM? You Will Now – Allbound is Taking Off
March 15, 2018
Have You Heard of PRM? You Will Now – Allbound is Taking Off

Hello from Allbound! These are exciting times for us and I wanted to share our recent news with our loyal subscribers. I joined Allbound last quarter to prepare the company for rapid growth as we are scaling at an extremely rapid pace. Allbound tripled Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) in 2017, with well over 100 customers now, and we are on pace to have a record Q1 in 2018. We have processed over one billion dollars in pipeline for our customers, have over 20,000+ active users,10,000+ partners in our platform, and operate in over 20 countries. While handling all of this growth, our SaaS platform has 99.99% uptime, which is truly impressive.

I have been in technology and executive management for well over 20 years since I first decided to get a Computer Science degree in the 90s. My favorite and most applicable experience came during my seven years at GoDaddy. GoDaddy grew faster than most companies and disrupted a long standing marketplace. In addition, GoDaddy transformed customer service in the domain name marketplace, teaching me how critical it is to ensure every department within a company is focused on the customer at all times. This experience taught me how best to scale a company, its people, take risks, and how to constantly embrace change to succeed. Allbound has already moved quickly to adopt critical changes, ensuring that while the company scales it continues providing world-class customer experiences.

Allbound’s customer success fuels our growth, as reflected by G2 Crowd recognizing us as the leader in the Partner Management Software category. Some of the leading companies in the world have chosen Allbound as their PRM vendor to deliver real value for their channel partners, resellers and distributors. I believe our performance demonstrates that regardless of size, industry or geography, indirect sales and channel partner programs are a top priority for businesses, and software to manage those programs is critical. The PRM space is quickly growing and becoming a necessary component of companies’ marketing and sales technology stacks, much like customer relationship management (CRM) did nearly two decades ago.

Founder, Scott Salkin, will continue with Allbound as a member of our Board of Directors and advisor with a focus on product innovation. Scott took a great idea only two and a half years ago and made it into reality; in so doing, he disrupted the PRM marketplace driving the growth we are experiencing today. I’m thrilled to work with Scott as the company keeps on the path to success, and together we’ll ensure Allbound continues to innovate and offer the best customer experience well into the future.

In my short tenure so far, I’ve found that Allbound is a unique company with an amazingly vibrant culture and a passion for helping our customers succeed. Our existing team is incredible and I love working with each of them every day. To even better prepare for our growth, and enhance our culture, Allbound has hired two additional leaders to augment our current team. Jen Gray has joined Allbound as Vice President of Marketing and Denise Newberry as Director of Customer Success.

Jen joins Allbound from leading Silicon Valley referral software company, Extole, where she served most recently as Director of Marketing and Business Development. Jen has extensive experience growing B2B SaaS companies. As VP of Marketing, she will be responsible for global go-to-market and demand generation strategies as Allbound looks to further accelerate its growth in the industry.

Denise joins the company from leading physical therapy SaaS company, WebPT, where she served as the Manager of Member Success. As Allbound’s Director of Customer Success, Newberry will oversee the strategy and execution of the company’s full customer lifecycle, from onboarding and implementation through continuous value-added activities and renewal management.

You can see all of our current leaders here:

These are indeed fun times at Allbound as we continue to disrupt the market and force our competitors to adjust to our way of thinking. I look forward to working with all of you in the future, whether you are a customer now or soon will be!

I encourage everyone to reach out to me at [email protected] with any comments or questions.