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Guide: Lessons from Silicon Valley

6 Lessons for Channel Sales and Marketing Leaders From Inside Silicon Valley

When channel partners can play such an immense role in your annual recurring revenue, it’s important to lead and empower them to be successful. 

Seeing true channel success is a challenge without the right tools and support. Adapt and optimize your channel partner program with six insider tips from leading companies like Gainsight, Salesforce, Zendesk, Amazon, Adobe, and others.

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In 6 Lessons for Channel Sales and Marketing Leaders from Silicon Valley,  you’ll learn:

  • How the most successful companies in Silicon Valley use specific KPIs to successfully guide and grow their businesses
  • Which KPIs you should pay attention to
  • What listening to your customers, prospects and companies can do for your business

You’ll walk away knowing how to drive efficiency, productivity and sales acceleration for both your company and for your channel partners. 

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