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Guardicore Turned to an Intuitive PRM Platform to Help Enable and Empower Their Partners.

“Since the launch of Allbound, we’ve been able to exponentially accelerate our channel efforts.”

Alexandra Danahy, Marketing Operations Manager


About Guardicore

The Guardicore Centra Security Platform helps to prevent security breaches inside data center and cloud environments. Guardicore simplifies security management and eliminates the need for multiple point solutions in hybrid cloud environments.


“We chose Allbound because of the people. We trust them to have our best interest at heart.”

Alexandra Danahy


The Need

As the search for a PRM began, Alexandra Danahy, Guardicore’s Marketing Operations Manager was able to identify the frustrations they had been experienced without a system in place to alleviate the pains, “We’re growing very rapidly, 2018 was very pivotable point for Guardicore because we were proving ourselves as a serious, scalable company”. Danahy continues, “channel plays an important role in our activities and we had some big needs that had to be addressed before we could make a decision on a PRM. Because channel plays such a crucial part in our go-to-market strategy, we needed a platform that would allow us to grow and support our network; from registering Partners to onboarding their Account Managers to accelerating Deal Registrations. It was imperative that we made our partner’s journey with Guardicore as easy and efficient as possible.”

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The Big Rebrand

Guardicore became an Allbound customer in 2017. In the winter of 2018, Guardicore went through a major rebrand which included a whole pallet of new brand colors, an updated website, and a new logo. With so many changes to Guardicore’s brand, it seemed fitting to align their PRM portal’s look and feel. With the help of the Allbound team, Guardicore was able to achieve a seamless transition between the two brand aesthetics. The Allbound platform is completely configurable to meet company’s branding guidelines. With Allbound’s PRM solution, marketers are able to customizable things like colors, favicons, icons, fonts, and more. Even with a rebrand, the simplicity of Allbound makes managing the portal effortless.


“Unlike other PRM’s, managing Allbound doesn’t have to be someone’s full-time job.”

– Alexandra Danahy


The Technical Side

Guardicore chose to integrate their CRM, Salesforce into Allbound. Danahy was pleased that Allbound was able to go above and beyond her expectations. Danahy states, “It’s common to see the level of support that Allbound provides in a pro-services additional fee from other companies, but with Allbound it was included. The great experience I had was really driven by the fact that Allbound was willing to make sure all my concerns and questions were addressed. The Allbound team was able to give me one-on-one time with the Chief Technology Officer and a designated person to help me troubleshoot. This hands-on level of customer support is hard to achieve for most companies but made me feel extremely supported as we built out our portal.”


A Deeper Dive

“We have a very tight process here at Guardicore. We have a 72 hour turnaround time to notify partners to meet the company’s branding guidelines. We have dashboards in Salesforce to keep our internal team aware of how many partners we’re onboarding each month, how partner deals are moving through our pipeline, and which partners are generating the most activity.. We wouldn’t have this visibility without Allbound. Since the launch of Allbound, we’ve been able to exponentially accelerate our channel efforts.”


“This has been the best experience I’ve had with any vendor. We were able to see value in Allbound from day one of our launch.”

– Alexandra Danahy