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Get to Know Emilia D’Anzica, VP of Customer Engagement at WalkMe
July 20, 2016
Get to Know Emilia D’Anzica, VP of Customer Engagement at WalkMe


Emilia D’Anzica, VP of Customer Engagement at WalkMe, is a frontrunner and thought leader in the customer success realm. Awarded a 2016 Stevie Award for Customer Service Department of the Year, as well as the 2015 Customer Success Heroes Award and the 2012 Jobvite Customer Award, Emilia has proven her ability to create, implement, and personalize a superior customer experience. With nearly 20 years of experience in Customer Success and Marketing, Emilia will use her expertise to discuss “Customer Success in the Channel” at CO:LLABORATE 2016.

What about sales and marketing are you most passionate about?

I am obsessed with creating, testing and refining best practices in customer experience and strategy. Bain & Company cites a 25-95% increase in profit from as little as a 5% increase in customer retention — That is some serious profit growth! Implementing an integrated and organized customer success strategy is the most efficient and effective way to grow revenue through improving renewal rates; acquiring new customers is actually much more costly. Customer experience starts with Marketing and extends to Sales and Customer Success. Working together, these teams can give their customers the best experience possible. I am most passionate about the integration of Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success to provide customers with a top notch experience.

How are you seeing sales ecosystems evolve?

Traditionally, Sales has been all about numbers, but the name of the game has changed. More than ever in this subscription economy, building and maintaining relationships is the lifeline of Sales. The sales team’s work does not finish once they have closed a deal; they are deeply invested in the customer’s success post-sale because this will predict whether the customer will continue to use the product in the future.  


From the start of the customer journey, the sales team is responsible for maintaining the client relationship and this starts with viewing customers as more than just an ‘account.’  The transition to a customer success oriented sales organization will only continue to emerge as more companies adhere to a subscription based business model. A customer focused future for Sales, especially in the technology industry, is quickly taking shape and as a customer experience enthusiast, I couldn’t be more excited!

Why should CO:LLABORATE guests attend your session?

Customer Success is such a broad and far-reaching aspect of business that affects everyone from Sales, to Marketing, to Professional Services. How effectively these teams collaborate and communicate determines the overall success of the company, so naturally there is a huge interest in determining the best practices in Customer Success. Through my experience in CS, I have found the answers to many of the following questions:

  • What tools and training do sales teams need? How will they retain information through long and complicated sales cycles?
  • How will I measure the success of Sales and CS?
  • How do I integrate my Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success teams?
  • How to ensure a smooth transition from Sales to Customer Success?
  • How do I create a top-notch customer experience?

If you’ve also considered these questions throughout your time in sales, marketing, or customer success, then you’ll find my session to be extremely pertinent to your career!

Want to hear more of what Emilia D’Anzica has to say? Register for CO:LLABORATE below to attend the Experts Panel on Customer Success in the Channel and listen to her and other experts such as Tina Dobie of WP Engine, and #AllStar Matt Hensler.