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Gamification Examples in Channel Partner Sales: 4 Things You Can Start Today
July 19, 2016
Gamification Examples in Channel Partner Sales: 4 Things You Can Start Today


The sales contest. It’s probably the oldest trick in the book. And on the surface, gamification may seem nothing more than a gimmicky buzzword that accomplishes about the same goals as your average contest.

So what’s the big deal? Well, in the past several years some corporate giants—Comcast, PayPal, Black & Decker, to name a few—have tapped into gamification to boost their sales.

Still not sold? Well, gamification can work. The key, however, is knowing how and when to apply it across your channel. To help, consider the following gamification examples in sales.

1. Onboarding Your Channel Reps

If you’re looking to onboard new channel reps quicker and more effectively, run a simple leaderboard around two opportunities within two different product lines. The rub? Make sure that the products are easy to understand for new reps and present high value to prospects.

Not only will you be able to create value for your customers, but you’ll inspire early momentum to ensure that new channel partners are off to a speedy start.

2. Introducing & Moving New Products

Taking new products to market is tough. Keeping your channel informed on updates is even more difficult. No matter how innovative your new solution or product is, reps tend to overlook new products with customers. We get it: it’s hard for your reps to introduce a new product into their bag of tricks.

Launching a simple leaderboard that rewards reps just for pitching concepts to prospects is a great way to take new products to market. Implement a tracking method into your CRM and watch as pitches for the product skyrocket.

It works the same way with moving products.

Maybe you’re getting rid of inventory. Or perhaps you simply want to focus on more profitable products or services. Whatever the case, consider utilizing gamification to move a product. Rally up your reps and create energy around a leaderboard based around the specific product.

3. Encouraging Collaboration

By now, it’s obvious that the sales landscape has changed drastically. Thanks to an increasingly global workforce, many reps are stripped of the conventional, collaborative spirit of yore. Integrated sales contests that utilize gamification can connect your channel partners—no matter where they’re located.

Gamification can promote global bonding by introducing friendly competition into the mix. Employees that have never met before will inevitably become engaged with each other—and many times, they will congratulate and engage with each other.

4. Encouraging Reps to Share Best Practices

What hasn’t changed about the sales landscape, however, is that reps are motivated by competition. Not only does it pay the bills, it provides an objective measure of how they stack up to their competition. We didn’t choose this profession; it chose us.

Think that competition is a selfish beast? Think again.

When releasing a new product, introduce a competition as you normally would. As expected, your top performing channel partners will be motivated to succeed. And they will. However, with the right motivation, you can also engage reps that you know won’t win the competition.

Let your reps know that they can benefit from product selling in the first place. Not only does it illustrate that the product can indeed be sold, it can influence their own sales goals. Illustrate the idea of “competitive mentorship” across your organization. Have your top performing reps “coach” your channel on best practices—and watch as everyone benefits.

Ali Spiric