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Enter the World of Software Resellers
October 27, 2015
Enter the World of Software Resellers

Occasionally Allbound invites guest bloggers to contribute to our Partner Sales Acceleration conversation, and today’s blog post is from Elias Ndreu, CEO of Elioplus.

It was predicted that with the rise of the internet and online direct sales that the middleman would be a thing of the past. But that is far from the truth, and reselling companies in the IT industry still play a significant role, and the channel within the SaaS revolution is stronger than ever.

One of the main reasons for this is that for the end customer, support is the number one factor when considering a new solution. This personal relationship between the reseller and the customer is what vendors should leverage to increase their footprint and grow based on a mutually beneficial partnership.

Additionally, many western software and SaaS vendors find it difficult to enter the markets in Asia and Latin America. The difference in culture, customer behavior and legal framework in most cases make it a lost cause. But if vendors manage to establish partnerships with local champions in each vertical, they can unlock these markets and have a competitive advantage to direct sales vendors. Usually, there are trust issues in these markets, and also product localization is required in most cases that add more barriers to vendors, but they are worthwhile in order to grow your company fast.

Before going on recruiting speed to acquire resellers and grow indirect sales, a vendor must have in place a service map and strategy for his partners. Some of the questions that should be answered:

  • What types of support will the vendor offer to his channel partners?
  • What training will be offered in order for resellers to be ready to sell their products?
  • What marketing material will be accessible for them to advertise, or for content marketing?

When recruiting partners in a market, a vendor has to consider what is the optimal number of partners so that they could cover the total market and at the same time not create friction in the channel.

Many vendors have the wrong mentality towards their partners. They believe that their solution or product is what matters most, and that all their channel partners have to do is sell it. Having partners is invaluable to grow your company and reach customers that otherwise would have chosen other solutions. If vendors work hard on their relationship with their network and create a partner program that is profitable for both parties, they can leverage the market knowledge of their partners and also the additional resources that they can offer.

In order to help vendors eliminate these issues and get in touch with potential partners, Elioplus has created a B2B platform to match the needs of vendors and resellers. It offers a transparent way for users to see insights, rates and reviews of companies so they can have quality data from their channel partners and remove the trust issues that most companies have when conducting business in developing countries.

Through Elioplus you can create a profile of your company for free, add info about your partner program or partnership needs, select up to 7 products that you want to find software resellers for (Vendors) or you want to resell (Resellers) and select from 15 partnership criteria like support, training, program maturity those that fit your needs. Elioplus matches accurately and fast vendors with resellers through it’s advanced matching process feature. Sign up free:

Ali Spiric