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Empowering Partners to See the Full Value of Dialpad

Dialpad is a global leader in AI communications, aiming to change how the world collaborates. With so many different partner types, Dialpad needed a solution to communicate with their entire channel, without compromising tailored messaging. Discover how Allbound powers Dialpad’s partner experience and helps their Channel Managers best serve their ecosystem.

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The PRM is such an essential piece of a partner program because it is the source of all partner activity where you can develop relationships, generate new business, and create champions of your solution.

Chris Gell

Senior Channel Enablement Program Manager at Dialpad

Project Overview

Use Case

B2B SaaS


San Ramon, CA, USA

Customer Since


The Challenge


  • The 2020 shift to working from anywhere required a change in partner training and engagement
  • A large channel of varied partner types requires different assets and messaging

The Solution


  • Customizable partner portal with easy access to top content
  • Highly-targeted resource library based on partner type
  • Streamlined deal registration process

The Results


  • Improved deal registration processing
  • Support for channel distribution model
  • Customized partner experience and onboarding

Key Numbers


YoY Increase in Partner Engagement


New Users in the Past Year


Partners Registering Deals

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Dialpad strives to be an innovator in the Technology and Communications industry, and Allbound helps us amplify our reach by empowering meaningful engagement through our partner ecosystem.”



Chris Gell

Senior Channel Enablement Program Manager at Dialpad

Tying Disparate Systems Together Through a Customer-centric Product

Dialpad is a global leader in AI communications wanting to transform how the world works together. They enable everyone to be able to work with a cloud business phone system. Traditionally when you’re in the market for a contact center, your phone and video conferencing systems are in silos. Dialpad supports customers by bringing all of those systems (cloud, business phone system, team messaging, video meetings, and the world’s most advanced contact center) together in one place, where users benefit from Dialpad’s feature set across the entire stack.

As a customer-centric product, Dialpad empowers customers to solve unique business cases through AI and get the most value out of a means of communication that traditionally had no data behind it, but is now the main method of conversing and meeting. Being able to use that in an impactful way is what Dialpad is about.

Communications is a quickly-evolving industry, so Dialpad prioritizes agility and staying relevant to meet the market’s needs.

Leveraging Partners to Reach New Customers

As a SaaS provider, Dialpad must leverage various types of partners to penetrate the market. Today, these include resellers, referral partners, ISVs, and tech partners, along with a significant partnership with T-Mobile.

Dialpad’s partners bring the company’s mission, product features, and advantages to their customers unbiasedly. Dialpad empowers partners to be champions, so they can get in front of more customers and show them how impactful the solution is. This approach spans traditional referral partners through distribution models.

Dialpad offers dedicated support for partners through their channel program, meaning that they have a direct point of contact whenever they need it. That point of contact is a multiplier for enablement efforts or any training opportunities.

Further, Dialpad offers endless opportunities for partners. Their aim is to always help partners be more effective and earn more.

The functionality and processes put in place through the Dialpad Partner Success Portal make it easier for our partners to do business with us” explained in an article announcing the portal’s launch. “From the portal partners are able to access robust marketing campaigns and sales playbooks that they can use to position Dialpad as the right solution for their customers.”


Chris Gell

Senior Channel Enablement Program Manager at Dialpad

How Dialpad Empowers Partners with Their PRM

Dialpad empowers its partners with content hosted in Allbound. Chris Gell emphasized, “The PRM is such an essential piece of a partner program because it is the source of all partner activity where you can develop relationships, generate new business, and create champions of your solution.”

Through Allbound, Dialpad can deliver, push, and highlight different pieces of material for partners to get up to speed on the latest product updates. Their communications in Allbound are in combination with work the channel marketing team does by leveraging this content in their direct engagements and nurture campaigns with partners.

The Allbound dashboard is a top feature Dialpad relies on to guide their partners toward taking key actions. Often, critical resources can get lost in a busy partner portal. With the dashboard, Dialpad can use buttons to showcase the most important links at the top, such as deal registration which is the lifeblood of any channel program. Dialpad has also developed a widget to showcase popular content, which they’ve found especially valuable to highlight when onboarding a new partner.

Finally, Dialpad relies on partner segmentation to optimize the resources shown to their channel. Partners can leverage Dialpad-curated content for them and their customers. With so many different types of partners, it’s critical for Dialpad to be able to gate content and dictate which partners have access to which resources.

“By using groups, we’re able to dynamically change the experience for any partner that logs in based upon what type of partner they are or who they are,” highlighted Chris Gell. “And that goes against our entire set, whether it be content, learning, or, most importantly, deal registration. All of our different partner types are going to have a different type of deal registration, whether they are in that multi-tier distribution model, whether they are an alliance partner, you name it that’s something that’s been very helpful is being able to manage the way that partners can use the portal and what they’re able to get benefit from.”

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Why is a PRM So Critical in 2023?

In 2020, the work-from-anywhere movement began and was directly tied to channel managers requiring a PRM to reach their partners. Inperson trainings shifted to one-on-one and no longer in a group setting.

That uncovered a need to be able to provide the same value and training opportunities without meeting face to face. Lunch and learns and in-person trainings were gone, and while they’re starting to come back, many are still remote. Those people still need somewhere to go, and the training material still needs to live somewhere.

Today, the industry, economy, and world are continuing to shift. Largely, vendors, suppliers, and partners are cutting budgets. Those in-person engagements where you could previously get in front of 100 people at a conference or take a large group to dinner are dropping again as everyone tries to weather the storm.

As organizations are looking for more opportunities to get in front of and connect with partners without an enormous budget, a PRM is a critical tool for teams connecting with partners globally.

In early 2023, Dialpad’s investments in the partner experience were recognized after being named in the CRN® 2023 Partner Program Guide as Channel Chief for the second year running.

Their mention on the list celebrated consistent efforts to support and promote good. change within the IT channel, a mission Dialpad is committed to long-term.

Feature Usage

 With a PRM partners, whether in person or virtual, can access trainings, resources, and team members they need.

The Value of Allbound as a Strategic Business Partner

“It’s been incredible. I’ve had only a couple of account managers. And each time, they want us to succeed. The team wants to help,” raved Chris Gell.

“The customer service and support is world-class. Whenever I have an issue or need help someone gets back to me very quickly — sometimes within an hour, sometimes within a couple of minutes. And if there are any action items that come from it or any kind of follow up that they need to do internally, they’re very vocal and communicative about what needs to be accomplished and what needs to be done.”

The customer service and support is world-class.

Through Dialpad’s implementation, they worked with Allbound to implement a custom pipeline and custom deal registration workflow because of their multi-tier system.

Allbound + Dialpad

Through their work with Allbound, Dialpad has engaged more partners (34% more year over year), while driving partner-led growth at their organization (700+ partners registering deals).

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