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On-Demand Webinar

Direct is Dying

The view from the CMO seat.

Join two key CMOs in the partnership space for a 30 minute discussion diving into the implications of a pivot from direct to partner-led demand generation.

Is the conventional approach to
demand generation becoming obsolete?

The truth is the traditional ways of generating leads such as cold email, cold calling and paid ad spend have become saturated. Then enter partnerships: the most efficient, effective way to generate leads.

Tune in with Pete Rawlinson, CMO of Allbound, and Isaac Morehouse, CMO of Reveal, as we discuss the changing face of lead generation and emphasize the unmatched potential of partnerships as a go-to-market strategy.

Meet the Speakers

Isaac Morehouse

CMO, Reveal


Ben Wright

Founder, Partner Fuel

Pete Rawlinson

CMO, Allbound

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