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Customer Success and Channel Partners In Today’s SaaS Ecosystem
April 7, 2017
Customer Success and Channel Partners In Today’s SaaS Ecosystem


This past week, Emilia D’Anzica, Vice President of Customer Engagement at WalkMe, joined me for a fireside chat-style webinar where we talked about two things, and two things alone: channel partners and customer success.


As you know, a lot of companies have traditionally kept their partners out on an island to fend for themselves, search through messy portals for content and resources, and basically just treat partners as a separate part of the business.

So, how are you making sure your partners at WalkMe have the right tools, content, resources and data to close deals, support their customers, and drive renewals?

We believe in 24/7 in-platform support as well as email and if needed, phone support with dedicated CSMs for our partners.

We also give our partners exclusive partner LMS access with certification opportunities and provide quarterly newsletters unique to their roles. We host live trainings with each product release to ensure they are getting updated content constantly.

We also provide user insights to their engagement with analytical tools to see where the customers are getting stuck and where they need additional support. I think this is important to understanding user adoption of any customer. If you have customer insight, you can expand the relationship naturally because you understand the customer pain point.

How are you aligning your partners to your direct business? Helping them collaborate with your direct sales reps, customer success team, etc?

Channel sales and direct sales fall under one umbrella and they compliment each other. They work together on many deals and it often through channels that we may start a relationship with a fortune 100 company and then expand through that channel for organic direct sales. The direct sales team gives the channel sales team ample support given the unique nature of our technology and partner success is a huge priority for the company

Last, but not least – let’s talk about trust. It’s probably the most important factor for building strong partnerships, and I want to know how WalkMe is keeping things transparent? Is partnership a CEO-down initiative?

Growing our Channel Sales a company-wide initiative. We have a channel sales team as well as a VP of CS and a CSM team dedicated specifically to our channel partners. Having these critical roles exemplifies how much we value our partner program. We know that meeting our company goals is done with our valued partners.


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