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David Rosemeier Reveals How Partner Engagement and Success has Increased for Crownpeak

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David Rosemeier, Senior Director Alliances and Channels, talks of how the Allbound platform has increased partner engagement, success, and how this best-practice is now being adopted across the combined business.

Get to Know David

David joined Crownpeak in late Summer 2020, taking responsibility for partner management and immediately recognized the need to change the way they interacted with partners.

Get to Know Crownpeak

Crownpeak delivers a composable, market-leading Digital Experience Platform (DXP) which is designed to turn your customers into lifelong fans through its best-in-class content management solutions, engaging customers with accessible, omnichannel B2C and B2B digital experiences.

Savvy digital marketers across industries rely on Crownpeak DXP for personalized and synchronized content-driven commerce – driving action, increasing revenue and quality of experience, and saving time and costs for your Marketing and IT teams.

The Challenge

Effective Content Distribution and Tracking

We were reproducing so much content and needed a way to structure this instead of sharing Google Docs and permanent links to PDFs. We needed visibility of who was opening what and engaging with our content.

Plus, we needed a whole new way to collect and distribute leads with our partners.

David Rosemeier

Senior Director of Alliances and Channels

Taking those two main drivers, David set out to find a better way through automation.

The Solution

Managing the Channel with Allbound

Understanding the problem helped focus the selection process and the choice was clear, with Allbound coming out as the solution of choice. The implementation took place winter 2020, which was a difficult time with remote teams collaborating as best they could. The solution was ready to beta test to a small select group of five partners by end of December 2020. This group were consulted on all aspects of the solution and their swift feedback enabled the system to go live to all European partners at the beginning of 2021. At this time, there were 75 German partners with 50 outside of Germany.

Allbound’s Role

More Partner Engagement, More Portal Usage, More Success

With impressive growth plans for the partner channel, Crownpeak considers Allbound as the digital system of record for efficiency and engagement with partners. One of the key benefits is found in the partner onboarding process. Crownpeak uses Allbound to guide partners down a trackable learning journey to drive future joint sales opportunities and revenues.

I feel a great sense of achievement as we have developed best practices with Allbound – delivering results for our Partner Program, increasing team engagement, and using friendly technology to interact positively and constructively with partners.

David Rosemeier

Senior Director of Alliances and Channels

David talked enthusiastically about how the platform has enabled them to bring a broader range of people into the portal from each partner. Previously there was one person from each partner but now more of the partner teams are engaged with the portal and the content. For instance, in Germany with their 75 partners there are more than 300 users logging in and engaging with the content.

“One big success of the portal is the number of people using it who are fully engaged. This cascades into real partner engagement: The more engaged the partner, the more they use the portal, and the more successful they become,” explains David.

One big success of the portal is the number of people who are fully engaged… The more engaged the partner, the more they use the portal, and the more successful they become.


Growing the Crownpeak Channel without Added Fees

The direct correlation between engagement and performance is no big surprise. The key point is how the Allbound platform has enabled bringing partners back time and again to the portal. With a relatively small partner channel team, Crownpeak can manage all their partners globally, without extended or overburdened effort. The positive engagement statistics that Allbound provides to Crownpeak proves that partners’ performance is measured and strong.

David is very clear: “Our portal is the go-to place for all the partners’ workforce and their needs from content to onboarding and lead management. Some systems make you pay for every partner contact who has access, but Allbound doesn’t penalize you for your success or broad account-based approaches from sales to marketing to technical teams. With Allbound, we can scale and engage across all partner teams effectively.

David constantly takes the pulse of his partners, asking their opinion of the portal. The feedback is resoundingly good.

And Crownpeak and their partners continue to look ahead to adopting some of the new functions such as partner planning. Since rolling out fully in early 2021, Crownpeak have seen a clear trend: More engaged partners are using the portal and they are more successful – translating to success all around in Crownpeak’s partner-first strategy.

Ali Spiric

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