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Collaboration: The New Economics of Partnering
September 12, 2016
Collaboration: The New Economics of Partnering


The more time we spend building Allbound — the company, the approach and the platform — the more we learn about the very channel we’re working so hard to revolutionize. The innovators, the resellers, the service providers, the consultants and vendors. Good and bad. Past, present and, most importantly, future.

All the while, our work over last 18+ months has opened all kinds of exciting doors and new opportunities to meet, sit down and talk about the art and science of revenue growth with amazing leaders from every nook and cranny of business.

There’s the usual suspects — CEOs, CROs, VPs of sales and marketing, VPs of partnerships and alliances, VPs of customer success. We’ve also made it a priority to grab coffees or lunches or cocktails with human resources directors, CTOs and CIOs, directors and VPs of product development, even chief happiness officers contributing to some of the coolest, fastest growing  companies in the world. And personally, many of my favorite conversations are with the folks who are simply “getting shit done” — channel managers, customer success managers, sales development representatives, product marketers, account executives, lead generation specialists, social media managers, directors of first impressions (for real).

But forget titles and org charts for a minute. Because one of the most important lessons we’ve learned along the way is how little job titles truly mean in today’s digital world, where the fastest growing, most efficient businesses aren’t collections of siloed business units, but rather ecosystems of always connected, continuously interacting people and components.


Connected, Transparent and Together = Simple

One thing that really struck me: the more connected, transparent and together a businesses is, the more simple it is, as well. Processes have less steps. Emails threads are shorter. Reports are crisper. Communication paths are clearer. They use less systems and platforms…and the ones they do use are in the cloud – lightweight, integrated, and almost always built to deliver a consumer-grade user experience.


They don’t cut corners, they break down walls. They focus on customers. And they do it by constantly working together, through a culture of collaboration – internally and externally – that focuses on being simple and elegant rather than fragmented and complex.  A lesson that channel programs have admittedly been painstakingly slow to adopt.


And that’s exactly why we built Co/Labs™, Allbound’s brand new collaboration solution built for channel leaders, by channel leaders, in large part from the hundreds of conversations we’ve had within an industry begging for innovation and change. Co/Labs is the first and only collaboration tool focused 100% on helping businesses make their channel programs more efficient and customer-focused by injecting real-time collaboration and content sharing directly into the day-to-day conversations and interactions taking place within a channel ecosystem. So businesses can gain speed and efficiency when working together to deliver more value and a better experience for their prospects and customers. And it’s all hosted in Allbound’s secure, user-friendly SaaS platform that’s already helping businesses save time and money by eliminating costly PRM platforms by extending the capabilities best-of-breed solutions such as to the channel.


In fact, perhaps it’s Salesforce’s very own Tiffani Bova, the opening keynote at Allbound’s upcoming CO:LLABORATE conference, who said it best just a few weeks ago in front of a ballroom full of channel leaders:


“You have to be much more agile, transparent and collaborative with your partners and your customers. [Let go of] your old way of thinking and start thinking differently about how you’re going to solve their problems. The essence of collaborative partnership is for all parties to mutually benefit from working together.”

Be Agile, Transparent and Collaborative

Agile. Transparent. Collaborative. For years, there’s been a need to reinvent the channel for the modern age and the subscription economy. It’s why we started Allbound just over 18 months ago not only as a platform, but as a methodology and a new way of thinking. Born in the cloud to be delivered as a service; integrated with the rest of your sales and marketing stack; simple, elegant and focused on providing an amazing experience in the workplace; and, thanks to help of so many meaningful conversations, helping us fulfill on our vision of reinventing the economics of working together.


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