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Cambium Networks Case Study

Cambium Networks Generates More Partner
Engagement at a Third of the Cost


Managing Partners at Scale

Cambium has over 8,000 partners around the globe and needs a way to manage the partner accounts, offer resources, and communicate with all partners effectively and efficiently. Cambium’s need for supporting market segmentation and program benefits fully through a PRM led Cambium to Allbound.

Cambium requires support of partner applications, deal registration, MDF management, content management, marketing, gamification, and more. The search for a new partner portal began to fill the desire to offer partners a robust and engaging program to help partners grow – the focus was ability to scale, partner engagement, and great partner experience without excessive manual interaction from the PRM vendor.


Taking Partner Management to the Next Level

The partner channel team at Cambium Networks turned to Allbound after an extensive search to find the right solution. Cambium chose Allbound as Allbound is able to integrate with Cambium’s CRM, work with a growing partner base, and provide engaging and automated interaction for partners. Additionally, distribution partners needed visibility into partner deals, and with Allbound, this functionality is enabled. Also, the robust suite of channel marketing resources and tools enables partners to sell Cambium solutions and grow their business.

The multitude of functions, market segmentation, and resources that Allbound offers at an affordable cost, as well as the ease of use for the channel administrative and operational teams, are two of the many reasons the Cambium team chose Allbound. The PRM CPQ tool will also be hugely useful to partners and distributors, and the functionality to help distributors engage with partners is key.

Allbound provides Cambium, and in turn, our partners, a one-stop-shop for our partners’ needs.

-Karyn Pastorino, Director – Global Channel Marketing at Cambium


Increasing Overall Partner Engagement at a Lower Cost

In the first week after the launch of the Allbound platform, Cambium Networks had more than 2,000 logins from partners who engaged with nearly 2,000 pieces of content/resources. One of the ways Cambium measures the impact of its partner program is by increased activity in the portal and use of program benefits. A sign of a good program is that partners are using it. As partners grow and become more successful selling Cambium solutions, Cambium Networks, in turn, becomes more successful. Partners are rewarded based on growth targets and certification with additional benefits. Cambium has seen a great increase in partner engagement since switching to Allbound.

“All of our program benefits are supported through the Allbound PRM and portal. From initial partner application through deal registration, MDF management, content management, marketing support, gamification, and more, the Allbound platform fills our desire to offer our partners a robust and engaging program to help them grow”, says Pastorino.