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Allbound Overview: Partner Experience Automation

Partner Experience Automation from Allbound

Allbound simplifies partner management by automating the repetitive tasks and creating an easier experience for you and your partners.

Sales Management

Sales Management enables you to gain a full and comprehensive understanding of your pipeline and how your partners are managing the sales journey. Allbound guides partners through your sales cycle, preventing duplicates, avoiding conflict, and tracking results. You have clear visibility of prospects from initial interest to close with deal registration, lead distribution and management, commissions, and reporting for you and your partners at every stage

Marketing Management

Allows partners to be independent and self-sufficient 24/7, with ready access to the tools and marketing assets at their fingertips. Easy content management lets you set who sees what, with engagement tracking so you understand which pieces of content are driving sales. With Allbound, you can co-manage complex marketing initiatives, co-branded content and manage marketing development funds (MDF) to better understand your ROI.

Partner Engagement Cycle

Signing up a partner is not enough; partners need a learning experience that ensures they are on-boarded through to activation and selling. Allbound flexible onboarding is tailored to individual requirements, so partners can learn independently, anytime, anywhere. You can easily track progress with quizzes and tests. Allbound automates the partner learning journey, to ensure activation, retention, and loyalty, setting the tone for a positive and productive partner relationship.

The Allbound Experience

Allbound automates all the essential and repetitive partner management tasks, so you can focus on building better partner relationships. Automation doesn’t remove the interaction; it simply eliminates the manual effort and makes it easier for partners to self-serve and access content and perform tasks 24/7 through one, easy to use, intuitive and attractive portal. Allbound builds a consistent approach with sales and marketing tools, co-branding and guided sales and learning journeys. Partners receive the right content, the right training, the right notifications, and the right access, at the right time.

Allbound – Increasing Marketing Efficiency

The objective of good Channel Marketing is to arm your partners with the tools and assets they need to be proficient and self-sufficient. Allbound portal hosts everything; with a dynamic and flexible content management solution as well as marketing functionality that allows cobranding, campaign management, and marketing fund tracking. Allbound achieves this in one easy, dynamic experience for you, and your partners as it automates the marketing tasks.

Gain an understanding of these key pieces:

  • Fully customisable and attractive portal making it easy for partners to find what they need with content management that provides deep insight into what resonates
  • Automated workflows guide partners through marketing tasks including co-branding of content whilst ensuring your brand integrity
  • Manage and automate MDF submission, authorisation, and tracking
  • Create custom playbooks of content based on audience attributes Engagement-triggered push notifications

Imagine channel marketing where you can identify what strategy or assets, achieved what result and how they compare with other campaigns? Imagine Allbound Channel Marketing Automation.

Allbound – Assisting Channel Sales

Allbound helps your support all the stages of partner selling with automated and assisted prospect communication, deal registration, and pipeline management for optimal profitability and tracking.

  • Deal Registration provides reliable, consistent, and accurate pipeline insight with real-time updates and each lead associated with the relevant campaign or content that produced the opportunity
  • Guided selling and sales coaching with content that relates to that opportunity
  • Performance dashboards provide deep insight into how a partner, program, or campaign is performing
  • Notifications when deals are created or updated
  • Integrated to your CRM

    Partner sales management in Allbound tracks every deal and interaction in terms of engagement and progress.

    • Filter content by last updated to bring dated content to light
    • Easily export a list to share pieces that need an update Simply audit visibility rules and ensure the right partner has access to the right content
    • Unlimited content storage
    • Allow partners to “pin” their favourite content for easy access
    • Share content directly from the portal to social media channels

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