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7 Killer Ways to Save You From the Channel Grave Webinar

Halloween is Scary, Your Channel Shouldn’t Be.

We all love to watch those horror movies, especially in October, but what’s more frustrating than watching the main character run upstairs to hide from the murderer rather than to the parked car outside? Almost nothing.

The problem is when it comes to your channel, partners, and Allbound, we’ve noticed some choices that would have any movie-goer shouting at the screen to employ a more obvious and successful solution. We’re here to teach you to become your own channel hero and it starts with the opportunity to measure your partner recruiting efforts and their effectiveness to drive success. Tune in for our on-demand webinar “7 Killer Ways to Save You From the Channel Grave” with special guest Diane Krakora from PartnerPath.

Check out this content-rich webinar and join us from the comfort from your own office!


Hosted by:
Greg Reffner, VP of Sales

Featured guests:
Diane Krakora, CEO of Partner Path

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