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4 Ways to Gauge Your Company’s Channel Sales Productivity
July 12, 2016
4 Ways to Gauge Your Company’s Channel Sales Productivity


You’re always looking for ways to optimize your partner’s sales efficiency. And sure, you facilitate success between your company and its partners. However, you’re equally invested in managing your partner sales productivity.

Conceptually, channel sales enablement is pretty simple, right? It’s about ensuring partner reps are in the best possible position to maintain and grow revenue.

But how do you improve your partner support in an industry where indirect sales reps are typically treated like an afterthought?

To help, ask yourself these questions.


1) Are You Mitigating Channel Conflict?


Much like housing two betta fish in the same fishbowl, when multiple channel partners begin selling the same product in a market with different pricing, conflict arises. And while the outcome may not be as drastic as the fishbowl scenario, this conflict can, and should be, avoided.

How so?

As with your direct sale team, the answer is visibility and process. Channel software should utilize workflows and a CRM integration for lead registration and approval. It should reward reps for registering deals via gamification. And it should offer a unified platform that manages progress.


2) Are You Providing Access to Performance Management Tools?


Like any ambitious professional, sales reps enjoy immediate, consistent feedback on their performance. Your channel software should allow you to establish, measure, and manage sales productivity performance indicators—and it should be able to share that data with partner reps to ensure transparency.

Robust, integrated software should aggregate data so you’re able to run performance reports on partners. Additionally, it should provide your organization with reporting capacities that reveal channel insights.

By displaying productivity through quantifiable data and outlining your company’s ROI on specific partners, performance management software is a win-win for reps and your organization alike.


3) Are You Providing Collaboration Tools To Keep the Lines of Communication Open?


Face time matters. As we’ve blogged about before, meetings emphasizing face-to-face interactions resulted in a 12% increase in conversion rate as opposed to non face-to-face interactions. While we don’t expect you to visit all your channel partners in the flesh, it is important to communicate: Frequently and openly.

Sure, integrated collaboration tools should enable you to quickly reach out to channel reps and centralize group discussions. However, technology is not a replacement for human interaction—and it’s important to check in with your partners on a regular basis. Even if you juggle numerous reps, challenge yourself to call them on a regular, frequent interval.

People learn from people. Listen to, respect, and build trust with your reps. You never know when a call will help make a sale—so just ask if you can be of assistance. You’ll be brought into more deals and each of you will have better sales numbers as a result.


4) Are You Guiding Partners With Training and Coaching?


Even the best sales reps need guidance from time to time—especially with new product introductions. From training courses, to certifications, to gamification, channel training activities provide on-the-job performance support. By offering tools, wisdom, and guidance, you can help reps thrive and close more loops.

Whether it’s collaborative conversations or video meetings, robust software provides secure discussions, shares files, builds performance plans—and ensures sales productivity.

Ensuring that your partners are up-to-speed on product offerings and your organization’s processes centralizes your efforts and impacts your channels.