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The Top Partnership Influencers of 2023 

from seasoned experts to up-and-coming thought leaders, these are the people to follow on LinkedIn for the latest trends, strategies, and more.


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In today’s fast-paced world of business, partnerships have become an increasingly essential component of success. From strategic alliances to co-marketing campaigns, companies are constantly seeking out new ways to collaborate with other businesses to achieve their goals.

With this in mind, we have compiled a list of the top 65 influencers in partnerships, who have made significant contributions to this field through their expertise, insights, and innovation.

Whether you’re a seasoned partnership professional or just starting out, these influencers can provide valuable guidance and inspiration to help you build and maintain successful partnerships.

Bryan Williams

Founder of Hockey Stick Advisory.
Bryan has a strong authentic network across the APAC and global tech community, passionate about helping tech businesses and the people within them succeed in realizing their ambitions.

Chris Samila

Co-Founder and Chief Partnership Officer at Partnership Leaders.
enthusiastic evangelist for the partnership profession. Extensive experience in partnerships, Chris has built Crossbeam’s partnership program and team starting in 2020 before having the opportunity to go full time on Partnership Leaders in late 2022.

Shane Forster

Country Manager DACH at
As a seasoned sales, business development and marketing professional with over 12 years experience in the eCommerce industry, Shane has  led the International expansion efforts of numerous companies in the affiliate and SaaS industries.

Will Taylor

Head of Partnerships at PartnerHacker.
Helping B2B companies grow revenue through partnerships, experience in
building enablement programs that increased partner retention. Publishes daily content on LinkedIn around the topic of tactical partnerships.

Jay McBain

Chief Analyst of Channels, Partnerships, and Ecosystems at Canalys.
Influential voice in Channel and the “go-to” for trends and predictions.
He is an accomplished speaker, author and innovator in the IT industry. Named 2021 Channel Influencer of the Year by Channel Partners Magazine.

Scott Brinker

VP of Platform Ecosystem at HubSpot and Editor at
As VP Platform Ecosystem at HubSpot, he shapes the company’s platform strategy and leads business programs for its global technology partner ecosystem. Author and keynote speaker.

Kelly Sarabyn

Platform Ecosystem Advocate | Tech Partner Enablement and Advocacy at HubSpot.
Kelly has a background in B2B marketing which led her to work in SaaS tech partnerships. She currently works to enable HubSpot’s technology partners and advocate for the ecosystem business model.

Asher Mathew

Co-Founder and CEO at Partnership Leaders.
Influential voice, passionate about partnerships and growing the PLG community globally. 15+ years of experience in channel roles.

Janet Schijns

CEO of JS Group.
Expert in channel “as a service” business models, IOT, security, and mobility services and solutions.

Mark Brigman

Author, Speaker, and CEO of PARTNERNOMICS.
Mark is an author, keynote speaker, and the Founder of PARTNERNOMICS®, Mark is an expert at turning collaborative relationships into highly functional competitive advantages.

Heather K. Margolis

SVP of Marketing at
Heather frequently speaks on entrepreneurship, branding yourself online, communication to the channel, B2B demand generation and all things marketing and channel.

Chris Murray

VP Partner Ecosystem at Lead Forensics.
Responsible for the development and growth of partnerships in the North American marketplace, lead Forensics is the ultimate tool for new business generation.

Alexander Theuma

Founder at SaaStock.
SaaStock is the only
media and events business that focuses on SaaS founders scaling to $10mill ARR.

Stanislaw Wasowicz

Global Director Alliances at SmartRecruiter.
Stan’s been playing the partner game throughout his career. Firmly believing in 6:38 made him an award wining dot connector, creating cultures of collaboration, wherever he goes.

Alexandre LeBoeuf

Group VP of Open Innovation and Partnerships at Sodexo.
Passionate about Partnerships, as well as being in lead partnership roles,
For the past 8 years, Alexandre has  worked as an independent consultant helping entrepreneurs to grow their business. He is the co-founder of the first partnership community in France – Partnershift. 

Ben Wright

Founder of Partner Fuel and Co-Founder of
Passionate about Partner Marketing. Has been in partnership for 5+ years.
Extremely passionate about building relationships and tackling tough problems, specifically in the customer success and partnerships space.

Jared Fuller

Co-Founder and CEO of PartnerHacker.
Current Co-Host of PartnerUp, the world’s number 1 partnerships podcast and founder of PartnerHacker. Contributor to columns for Inc, Entrepreneur, HuffPo, HubSpot, SalesForce, Drift and guest lecturer to USF MBA program in Marketing.

Blake Williams

CEO of Ampfactor.
Working on B2B revenue growth through account based marketing and sales development teams supported by a shared m arketing service team to activate and execute 8 figure target account.

Krishanth Thangarajah

Co-Founder of Partner Champion.
Co-founded Partner Champion with a mission to make every partner manager a Partner Champion. With 12+ years of diverse experience across different functions in the Telecom, IT services and SaaS industries.

Daniel Lancioni

Director of Partnerships (EMEA & APAC) at Deel.
An influential voice in partnerships, noticeably in EMEA. With a career in partnership roles, Daniel is part of
building brilliant customer experiences Technology Partners, Consultancies and Agencies all over EMEA and APAC.

Aleksi Mattlar

Partner Account Manager at Pigment.
Passionate about all things partnerships and SaaS: Ecosystem development, channel sales, building partner programs from scratch, technology partnerships, partner development, and partner account management.

Dan O’Leary

Director of Partnerships at Box.
An experienced enterprise SaaS executive with a record of accomplishment for building winning teams and cultures. He recently was one of the founders of the fastest growing enterprise SaaS product of all time, Workplace by Facebook, where he led global growth, customer success and partner programs.

Harald Horgen

CEO at the York Group.
An acknowledged expert in the field of helping technology companies expand into new business models and markets. With more than 25 years of experience, Harald has a deep understanding of what it takes to take repeatable IP solutions to market and the organizational structure needed to be successful.

Gloria Castillo

Sr. Manager of Partner Programs at Loopio.
Partnership leader and inventor, advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion. Gloria has been in the partnership space for five years.

Christiannah Oyedeji

Director of Partnerships at AWeber.
Business Development & Strategic Partnership Leader with and entrepreneurial spirit and diverse experience in pre/hyper-scaling business environments.

Markus Brunner

Partner Manager at Supermetrics.
Markus Brunner is a partnership expert and an eCom Tech Enthusiast. He’s committed to making partner management an indispensable strategy for any business success.

Glenn Robertson

CEO and Channel Chief at Purechannels.
Glenn Robertson is a motivated channel expert who loves talking, presenting and creating strategies around partner and channel marketing and committed to improve his partners’ experience. 

Krish Ramachandran

Global VP and Head – Channel Sales at CleverTap.
Krish Ramachandran is a sharp sales leader that specializes in Cloud and SaaS sales distribution, and he’s committed to build a world-wide channel sales organization.

Julian Lee

President at TechnoPlanet.
Julien Lee is a channel news publisher, and his core business relies on helping tech companies build a channel partner ecosystem.

Dina Moskowitz

CEO and Founder of PartnerOptimizer.
Dina Moskowitz is known as one of the IT Channel’s top influencers and innovators due to her commitment to revolutionizing the channel partner space.

Larry Walsh

CEO and Chief Analyst at Channelnomics.
Larry Walsh’s experience on channel and tech issues such as cloud computing, security, marketplaces and IoT makes him the leading GTM advisor to tech executives and channel leaders. 

Isaac Morehouse

Co-Founder and Chief Market Officer at PartnerHacker (CMO at Reveal)
Isaac Morehouse is an avid communicator, public speaker, and entrepreneur. His goal is to usher in the era of Nearbound GTM with secure shared data. Besides being CMO at Reveal his a content creator specialized in writings and podcasts.

Tai Rattigan

Global Head of Partnerships at Deel.
Tai Rattigan is passionate about sales, strategy and partnerships, and his desire to introduce scale and efficiency within business makes him a great GTM leader.

Shubham Sood

Operations Specialist of Channel at SaaS Labs.
Shubham Sood is a “partner hacker” who has scaled a partner program from 0% to 12000%, and created more than 360 B2B SaaS partnerships and 80 integrations.

Niels Bergmans

Partner Manager Lead at Tracify.
Niels Bergemans is a results-oriented professional with a passion for building strategic partnerships and driving business growth. He has years of experience in partner management and a strong track record of successful collaborations. EU Partnership Crew Ambassador for the Netherlands.

Noam Horenczyk

Head of Partnerships (Product & Business) at
Noam Horenzyk was featured as one of the top 100 emerging product leaders of 2023. He’s a creative and strategic product leader with a passion for forging meaningful relationships and driving business success through collaboration.

Teddy Ludmer

Head of Partnerships at Thirdfort.
Teddy Ludmer is an enthusiastic results-driven professional with good communication skills. She’s focused on creating sustainable growth based on the involvement of different teams: product, customer success, leadership, etc.

Kyle Schroeder

VP of Global Partnerships at Movable Ink.
Kyle Shroeder is a sales expert passionate about topics ranging from marketing to business data-driven analysis. He has a vast experience in leveraging partnerships to sell through indirect channels to make those partnerships thrive successfully.

Enryck Serin

Go-To-Market Lead, Partnerships at PolyAI.
Enryck Serin is passionate about sales and innovation. He’s committed to understand and anticipate customer’s, prospects and partners needs and address them through the development of integrated applications.

Chris Lavoie

GoToEcosystem Strategy Advisor at Digital Bridge Partners.
Chris Lavoie is one of the leaders in Technology Partnership program development for ISV’s. He’s focused on create reciprocal value for the entire ecosystem. He has vast knowledge of eCommerce, SaaS growth, and integrations.

MJ Patent

VP of Marketing at Logically.
MJ Patent has a proven track record of expertise in topics like IT channel, GTM strategy and communities. She believes that a key aspect to meeting deadlines and managing a team is business alignment: sales, marketing and strategy.

Rachel Collie

Director of Technology Partnerships and App Marketplace at Unanet.
Rachel Collie is a savvy negotiator and deal closer, that is capable of building sustainable and scalable partner programs. She’s an expert in topics ranging from channel management to customer satisfaction.

Martin Scholz

Co-Founder of PartnerXperience.
Martin Scholz is a seasoned expert with a focus on partner strategy and building successful partner programs. With over 15 years of experience in the startup world, Martin has been instrumental in driving the success of three different startups through various kinds of partnerships. With his unique experience he is now helping companies as advisor as well as educating Partner folks in the PXP Academy.

Brandon Lytle

Head of Partnerships at Field Nation.
Brandon Lytle is also a Founding member of Forbes Business Development Council. His more than ten years in partnerships make him a master of forging partnerships and building relationships. Companies like Siteimprove, Zapier, Leadpages and Drip are just prove of his well-established trajectory.

Richard Israel

Vice President of Channels at NaviStone. 
Richard Israel is an experience collaborative sales and marketing leader, with a deep background in scaling high-velocity SMB, Enterprises, and start ups. His expertise  includes partner channels, product training, and relationship selling.

Jason Shugars

Head of Global Partnerships at Blueshift.
Jason Shugars is in charge of looking after technology and agency partners, and develop strategic alliances to promote a mutually exclusive, and thriving ecosystem. His 21 years of experience are a solid prove of his expertise in ad tech, martech, ecommerce and partnerships.

Rick van den Bosch

Founder and CEO of Channext.
Rick van den Bosch is a passionate expert in the technology industry, especially in sales and distribution channel management. He’s focused on exploring new technologies and finding innovative ways to help business grow and succeed. 

Mike Kane

SVP of Global Partner Sales at Dialpad.
Mike Kane is an expert in sales enablement, people management, and sales and channel tech sales. He has launched new programs from business planning to $90M+ in revenues.

Katie Landaal

RVP of Agency and Channel at ZoomInfo.
Katie Landaal specializes in in revenue growth, strategic partnerships and business optimization. She has directed Fortune 500 companies through periods of accelerated growth in dynamic environments.

Rachel Turkus

Senior Vice President of Marketing at CyberReef.
Rachel Turkus has a vast experience in building marketing and sales teams focused in channel marketing. She like to talk about online marketing, creative thinking, channel partners, and female leadership.

Craig Gleason

Principal at PartnerIQ.
raig Gleason is an entrepreneurial and relationship-oriented leader, with previous experience in establishing and building strategic partnerships that achieve 100% of sales targets and increase customer satisfaction. He’s topic of expertise range from channel partners to enterprise software.

Guillaume Runser

Head of Sales – Growth Markets and former Head of EMEA Partnerships at Mixpanel.
With 20 years of experience in the software industry at large enterprises such as HP and scale-ups directing all aspects of B2B sales, marketing, and business development globally.

Alan Walsh

Global Head of Partnerships at Trade Ledger and a mentor on Accenture’s Tech Innovation Lab.
Alan is a partnership powerhouse with 20+ years of experience in B2C and B2B environments across a variety of industries and markets. He’s an advocate of open banking.

Per Allin

Head of Partnerships Growth at Contractbook.
Focusing on growing the partnerships commercially, strategically and achieving the defined KPI’s. Per is an experienced account manager with a demonstrated history of working in the IT and airlines/aviation industry.

Damiaan van Zanen

Head of Partnerships at Total Synergy.
He’s passionate about using technology to assist businesses to grow, scale and get a clear understanding of how to succeed.

James Partington

Director of Partnerships Program at Hootsuite.
James is a proven revenue generator with over 12 years experience in the SaaS sales and digital solution advisory and business development field.

Marco De Paulis

Director of E-commerce Partnerships at Ryder System and Director of Partnerships at Whiplash.
Marco De Paulis is a partnership, eCommerce, and agency expert. He’s committed to build long term relationships and creating strategic long tail goals to mutually help his partners. 

Alex Glenn

CEO of Partnerhub.
Alex Glenn helps founders and teams to build and execute creative growth strategies, and guides digital agencies to find strategic and referral partnerships. He’s expert in topics like channel strategy and partner programs.

Allan Adler

Managing Partner at Digital Bridge Partners.
Allan Adler is also the Chair of the Ecosystem Counsel at PartnerHacker. He’s the world-class ecosystem advisor that created the GoToEcosystem Framework and GoToEco Solutions.

John McCabe

VP of WW Channel Sales at SafeGuard Cyber.
John McCabe is an award-winning Global MSSP sales leader who believes the key to success is open communication and collaboration. He’s a pioneer in the partner-led strategy and an expert in revenue generation with partnerships.

Jessie Shipman

CEO and Founder of Fluincy.
Jessie Shipman is an enthusiastic and experienced partner enablement professional. With more than 15 years of experience, Jessie is a fluent teacher of partner enablement and sales. 

Allison Munro

Chief Marketing and Ecosystem Officer at Vena Solutions.
Allison Munro is a recognized expert in marketing, partnerships and tech. She builds and leads high-performance marketing teams. She has left nothing but traces of success in companies like Oracle, NexJ Systems and Piano Software.

Brianna Chapman

Partner Manager at Whiplash. 
Brianna Chapman is a content and communication professional who specializes in SaaS sales experience, and account management, and likes to build and add value to digital experiences.

Daniela Garcia

Partnership Manager at Lead Forensics.
Daniela Garcia is a collaborative leader who’s priority relies on partnerships and helping others to reach their goals. She’s an expert on business development, strategy and prospecting. 

Franz-Josef Schrepf

Head of Strategic Partnerships: StreamYard, Hopin and Sessions at Hopin.
Franz-Josef Schrepf is a specialist in building and strengthening alliances. He’s an avid content creator, and is responsible for some large strategic partnerships created and interesting programs run.

Adam Pasch

Head of Partnerships at Improvado.
Adam Pasch is an empathic and attentive leader, and always seeks for growth opportunities. Besides being a boots-on-the-ground partnership builder, he’s also a content creator that tells the story about the journey of partnerships.

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