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 What’s New in Release 4.6.4
RELEASE DATE: Friday, November 3, 2017



System Settings for Security
Inactivity timeout and session length are now configurable for admins. If you don’t make any adjustments, there is no change to end users. However, if you want to configure the times, you can now do so in System Settings > General. We are also adding logout warning messages as part of our next sprint. #keeptruckin’

We’re here for you!
The Allbound Support Center is growing — and growing! We’ve gotten so much great feedback about the new Help launcher. So keep it coming. The new launcher is searchable and in addition to videos and articles, there are now a number of click-by-click walk-throughs. Make sure you check it out if you haven’t. We’re a few short weeks away from having the entire Allbound Support Center experience searchable and available via the launcher. 

TLS 1.0 Disabled
Users on Internet Explorer 7-10 are no longer able to connect to Allbound. We communicated the upcoming change to all of those users (it was a very small <1% of users) and confirmed they saw it. 


Bug Fixes & Additional Items

  • Improved performance on Notifications
  • Cleaned up null values passing into Partner Locator
  • Continued upgrade of admin view in Integration Manager


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