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Gain visibility into partner actions and engagement with Allbound’s PRM platform.

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Gain visibility into partner actions and engagement with Allbound's PRM platform.

ROI Calculator

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Partner Directory
Where are our WordPress users?! We’ve been working on a partner directory WordPress plugin that when installed on your company website, can pull partner information from Allbound and let potential customers search your partners by location, region, industry — you name it! We’re playing around with it on our own test site, so if anyone is interested in seeing it in action, give your CGA a shout. 

New Content Widget
The “New” content widget has been up and running since we last saw you. We worked to improve its performance and cleaned up a few, non-impactful things.



  • Added more flexibility to Dynamic Groups so values can be exact match or flexible match. 
  • Cleaned up a few bugs around security keys.
  • Ingtegrations! Integrations! Integrations! We’ve rolled out a number of new integrations for both long-time and new-to-the-family Allbound systems. 
  • Let’s get visual! You can now add company logos to a company account record within Allbound. Why is this important? See Partner Directory above. 



Support Center
We are stoked to share the new Allbound Admin Support Center. We’ve been buring the midnight oil building not only the look/feel of our first version of the Support Center, but also adding loads of video, FAQs and content. A beta version should be ready by the end of our next sprint.