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Gain visibility into partner actions and engagement with Allbound's PRM platform.

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Easier Playbooks Navigation
We’ve adjusted the display and navigation within a Playbook so that as users click through the Playbook assets, the other content in that Playbook displays instead of other recommended items from the system. We were inspired by the functionality of Learning Tracks and applied it to Playbooks. 

New Content Widget
It’s here! We’ve rolled out a new dashboard widget for content. In addition to showing popular (most viewed) content, you now have the ability to display the newest content in your system. Don’t want to show a list of new or popular content? No problem. You can choose which (of both) of the widgets display or you can remove it all together and just feature user pins. 

Database Updates
The update to our database two weeks ago was successful. This coupled with the movement we’ve made on the CDN front, will really improve site performance for users. This weekend we are going to do some more core updates. No outage this time, just some more run-of-the-mill security updates. 



  • Added functionality to start a Co/Lab from the Directory. Look for the blue infinity button next to the user name
  • Resolved a javascript conflict within the Allbound Settings panel
  • Fixed pagination issue on content archive



Integration Manager
We. Are. So. Close. We’ll have a clickable, working version of the Integration Manager by the end of our next sprint in two weeks. All new integrations will be built with the new tool, and we’ll also be migrating current integrations over as well. Our team is going to start mapping out that plan and procedure, but if you want to jump to the head of the line (and win some serious brownie points!), talk to your CGA. 

Support Center
This sprint kicks off the development of our Allbound Admin Support Center. The Support Center will be the mecca of all tools and resources around adminstrating and supporting your own partners on Allbound. Videos, how-tos and FAQs will all be searchable and avialable to all your system administrators. Because we love you.