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Gain visibility into partner actions and engagement with Allbound's PRM platform.

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Database Updates
You should have received a separate message, but just a friendly reminder that all Allbound systems will be unavailable for a short period tomorrow. We will be doing some database updates beginning at 9 a.m. PST.

User Admin Role Capabilities
We updated and simplified the user roles for system administrators. There are now three options for assigning capabilities to your admins — Content; User, Groups and Companies; and System Settings. Any pre-exisitng selections should have held in the upgrade, but this might be a good opportunity to revisit your system admins and their assignments.



  • Resolved issue for Chrome users. Large PDFs marked “Private” were being blocked in the system due to the security key. This didn’t affect other browsers and has been fixed.
  • Prospect Pages got some clean up love. We fixed a bug affecting the action buttons on the main PP page, and since users have the ability to add PPs to deals, we now gave them the option to remove Prospect Pages from deals.



Integration Manager
The Integration Manager is going into alpha. As it continues to move ahead, we will begin to switch current customers over to the Integration Manager and will reach out once we have a schedule in place. Have questions about the awesomeness of the Integration Manager? Want to be in the front of the beta line? Let your CGA know.

CDN Rollout
We continue to work on system performance and have been stoked about the progress we’ve made so far. The testing and rollout of our CDN continues, and our friends across the pond are going to experience the most performance improvements in these early stages.