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2-Factor Authentication
Admins have the ability to turn on a 2-factor authentication for a more secure user login process. If active, an email will be sent to verify a user’s identity if he logs in from a different device and/or browser than previously used. (Allbound Settings>System Settings>Registration)

Marketo Tracking
The Allbound team documented the process of adding Marketo Munchin tracking into an Allbound account. Through this easy process, you can quickly develop a more robust and dynamic partner marketing practice. Contact your Channel Growth Advisor for more information. 

New In-system User Guides (U=User, A=Admin)
Adding a Video (A), My Pins (U), Creating “My Playbooks” (U), Logo Tool Tip (A) and Whitelisting Domains (A) were added throughout the system. 



  • User Relationships: Revisited code to eliminate 2-tier distribution visibility issue and streamline performance.
  • Co/Labs: Co/Labs will retain the deal name after uploading content.
  • Notification Administration: Updated view of notifications for admins. System will only display notifications sent by admins vs. all notifications triggered from the system.
  • Co/Labs Invitations: Updated messaging for new Co/Lab invitations. Notifications provide more detail on the Co/Lab information — name, description, etc.  



Performance Tracking
The team dug into our application monitoring to identify areas of the product that negatively impact performance in the U.S. and abroad. In the upcoming product releases, we’ll be implementing some pretty non-sexy items that will help deliver a speedy experience for your partners.

Updated Views for Deal Registration
We are working on a new feature (in beta) that improves the deal registration view. It includes a more robust deal timeline record, enhanced integration with Co/Labs and Prospect Pages and a slick deal journey visual. Contact your Channel Growth Advisor (formerly Customer Success Manager) to migrate this new feature to your Sandbox environment.  

User Relationships:
We are updating the user administration screen to provide increased visibility into partner manager relationships.