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Gain visibility into partner actions and engagement with Allbound’s PRM platform.

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Gain visibility into partner actions and engagement with Allbound's PRM platform.

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“We have added a new workflow for managing users directly from the company edit screen. Now you can add users to a company directly from the company screen without having to navigate to each users page to add them to a company. You can also change their role at the company or change the user status saving multiple steps and making user management on companies a breeze”


“The opportunity emails have been updated to show what was changed on the opportunity and what user made the change. In addition, updates made via the API are now tracked in the revision history of the opportunity and can be viewed in the timeline tab for the opportunity. If you don’t see the timeline tab displayed, please reach out to your CSM so they can ensure the view is enabled for your account.”


* Improved performance on customer reports.
* Fixed bug causing a timeout error on the activity table in the gamification settings.
* Fixed a bug with inaccurate company counts on the Overview section for companies.
* Fixed a bug causing improper pagination in the filtered content view.
* Fixed a bug on SSO forcing new users to select their company twice.
* Added additional SSO options to allow clients to import or export metadata files.
* Added rule to not allow a user to register against inactive companies.
* Prospect Pages label is now dynamic and can be customized per customer.
* Fixed bug that prevented group visibility rules on dashboard buttons and dashboard sliders from updating properly when re-ordering via drag-and-drop.

— Allbound