Urban Legends Debunked: Perfect Business Partners Do Exist.

By Olivia Garrett | October 31, 2018

For many, it seems that finding your perfect partner can be a real challenge. You know you want partners, you’ve heard how great they can be and how much they...

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7 Signs You Found the Ideal Channel Sales Partner

By Greg Reffner | September 7, 2017

You’ve done your research to find and recruit channel sales partners. You’ve put in the effort to onboard them. And now you’re wondering if your efforts have paid off. (more…)

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Channel Management Essentials: How to Recruit & Retain the Right Partners

By Nicki Kamau | August 8, 2017

For those without a clear strategy, recruiting and retaining channel partners may seem like a gamble. After all, you don’t want to put in all the work to find partners,...

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3 Keys to Building Successful Strategic Alliances

By Nicki Kamau | March 23, 2017

Many businesses acknowledge the importance of joining forces and achieving a common goal. In fact, according to a recent study conducted by the CMO Council, 85 percent of respondents viewed...

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A Perfect Match: How to Find Your Ideal Channel Sales Partners

By Nicki Kamau | February 14, 2017

As you set down the path to take advantage of the tremendous financial and brand-building benefits of channel sales, it’s easy to jump the gun. It’s not uncommon for those...

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The Allbound Podcast: Building a Quality Partner Program from the Ground Up

By Matt Hensler | January 18, 2017

Joe Barnes, Head of Channels at Cohesity, joins guest host Matt Hensler, Vice President of Customer Success at Allbound who is filling in for Jen Spencer, on The Allbound Podcast...

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