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Webinar: How a Startup Generated $250K in Partner Pipeline Revenue in 1 Month with Allbound

Thursday, September 29 at 11am Pacific | 2pm Eastern
  • When does it make sense to start building a partner program?
  • At what point do you focus on training and enabling your partners’ sales reps?
  • How do you keep your indirect sales channel in alignment with your direct corporate strategy?

We’ll answer these questions and more as we explore one SaaS startup’s experience of executing an agency and consultant-based referral program that generated $250K in partner pipeline revenue in its first month.

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Webinar: ABM Meets the Channel

Thursday, September 22 at 11am Pacific | 2pm Eastern

Account Based Marketing is THE hottest topic for scaling revenue these days — and for good reason with analysts saying it delivers the highest ROI of any B2B strategy or tactic. But, according to Kissmetrics, 96% of companies are ONLY using ABM with their direct sales teams, begging a serious question: are companies utilizing ABM leaving millions in revenue on the table by NOT applying it to their channel programs?

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Digital Sales Camp

Thursday, July 21 at 8am Pacific | 11am Eastern

Digital Sales Camp is a day-long learning event packed with master classes and workshops by 35+ of today's leaders in digital and social selling. Top digital sales speakers will come together to provide a learning experience full of proven strategies and powerful insights.

The Digital Sales Camp is different to any other virtual event that you may have experienced. This day-long, value-packed event will allow you to:

Get Immersed In A Cutting-Edge Educational Experience

To guarantee that you’ll retain the information you’ve learned and adopt it into your sales strategy, The Digital Sales Camp will provide a blended learning experience with a combination of instructor-led sessions and on-demand online learning. Because of the digital nature of the content, only a blended learning approach helps you practice and reinforce as you learn.

Accelerate Pipeline And Revenue

Learn what it takes to create a more efficient revenue machine – not only for sales, but for your entire organization. Get actionable tips and strategies on how to align with the modern buyers and grow revenue today.

Create Meaningful Connections With Fellow Sales Pros

Network with other brilliant people in sales and marketing. Learn from each other about what has worked – and maybe even what has failed – in your revenue generation strategies.



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Webinar: Designing a Partner Program that Eliminates the 80/20 Rule — Featuring Special Guest, Optimizely

Thursday, April 28 at 11am Pacific | 2pm Eastern

There’s a well-known rule in channel sales that 80% of your revenue will come from 20% of your partners. Artist Pablo Picasso had a theory about rules. He said, “Learn the rules like a scientist so you can break them like an artist.” Today’s most innovative channel leaders are destroying the 80/20 rule by using the data they have about their current partner program, and, much like an artist, designing a future program focused on quality, simplicity and empowerment.

Join Allbound on August 3 for a 30-minute webinar featuring Optimizely’s Partner Operations Manager, Hiliary Robertson, as she shares how and why Optimizely chose to design a partner program to eliminate the 80/20 rule once and for all.

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Webinar - Cut CAC, Raise Retention, and Supercharge Sales with Channel Partners

Thursday, April 28 at 11am Pacific | 2pm Eastern

With more than 70% of all products worldwide sold through indirect sales channels, it's only a matter of time before most business turn to partners and resellers to help them grow faster. But for far too long, channel programs have been limited to the global behemoths who can afford to maintain the complex systems and processes to manage them. Today, however, some of the world's fastest-growing SaaS companies have gotten to where they are by focusing on a partner strategy early. In this webinar, you'll learn how companies of all shapes and sizes are building cost-effective, content-driven channel programs to change the trajectory of their growth.

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CO:LLABORATE - The Only Conference 100% Dedicated to Partner Sales Acceleration

Mar 16, 2016  |  Jen Spencer

More than 70% of all products and services throughout the world are marketed and sold through indirect sales channels. And, according to the World Trade Organization, that number will only continue to grow. 

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