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The All New Partner Plan is Now Available!

Automate Your Partner QBRs
You can’t improve what you don’t measure. Setting goals for your partners and creating visibility and accountability are essential for driving partner revenue. Allbound helps you quickly and easily automate that process, giving you and your partners real-time visibility of partner performance towards plan, maximizing the ROI of your partner program.

Core Capabilities

•  Create annual partner plan templates for quick, easy management
•  Bulk assign partner plans by partner type, tier, region, and more.
•  Quickly sort partners by progress made in each goal type
•  Allow partners to track their real-time progress at a glance  


Allbound Partner Plan enables managers to pull big-picture goal-setting and strategy into one easy-to-use, customizable in-platform feature with open-ended prompts for a solution as unique as your partners.

Your team can now easily track every partner’s progress towards each goal type and quickly sort partners by progress in each key area. Each member of your team can now focus on the specific partner goals they care about most.

The Partner Plan add-on empowers partner managers to bring strategy, onboarding, training goals, and sales targets into one easy-to-use, shared space. The result is a dashboard that drives motivation with progress visualizations while simplifying tracking and review.

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