Selling: It Takes an Ecosystem
June 13, 2016
Selling: It Takes an Ecosystem

Pragmatic Marketer

The business of selling technology solutions—whether hardware, software or a service—is at a strange intersection; there’s constant curiosity about new trends, yet staunch reluctance to try any new sales strategies. Product teams, marketers, sellers and senior executives are keenly aware that the consumer landscape has undergone a complete overhaul. Yet many of the approaches to reach prospects and customers remain the same.


Consumers are the new experts. They know your products, or at least your industry, better than they get credit for. And if they don’t, they can turn to more options than ever for advice. They also know when they’re being mass-marketed to, when a rep is trying the latest tactic on them, and when genuine, experience-driven value is being provided. Yes, these savvy buyers are on to the old-school push marketing and selling strategies, and they’re not buying it.


The onus is now on brands and their partners to reach people in their actual habitats and truly engage with them, not to use generic cold-calling scripts, automated marketing programs or semi-automated sales emails and hope for the best.


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