Digital Summit Phoenix
February 16, 2017
Digital Summit Phoenix

Digital Summit is where ideas and inspiration are born. Thousands of professions work directly with industry leading brands learning practical, actionable solutions they can immediately apply back at the office.

Brilliant speakers bring phenomenal content on Marketing Strategies, UX & Design, Email, Search, Mobile, Video, SEO and so much more. Digital Summit is not only a place for keeping up with the trends, but also for being an active player in their creation.



Articulate how an inbound-based framework will impact your organization. Secure cross-departmental buy-in for inbound culture. Develop benchmarks to track the effectiveness of your inbound efforts. Differentiate between the types of content your marketing team should create to acquire leads and the content your sales team will need to close deals.

Thursday February 23, 2017 at 8:30 am – 9:00 am
on ChannelMix Stage 1


Chateau Luxe Event Venue
1175 E Lone Cactus Dr · Phoenix, AZ 85024



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