B2B, But Not As Usual: How Technology Is Forever Changing Channel Partnerships

Posted on September 16, 2016

By Scott Salkin


The VAR Guy

How many of you are reading this on your iPhone while Alexa turns on your espresso machine and tells you today’s weather forecast, your FitBit reports how well you slept last night, and your refrigerator adds a carton of milk to your next grocery list? Ok, maybe you don’t have quite that robust of a setup at home, but it’s not farfetched. And the point is, all of these on-demand conveniences and capabilities are impacting our expectations in our business lives.

In most cases though, we as consumers have a very different relationship with complex technology at home than we do at work. In business it tends not to be as seamless and frictionless. We’re forced to jump through hoops just to get answers or support, make purchases, and find information ––things we’ve grown accustomed to being extremely simple in our personal lives.


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