Allbound Unveils Robust Collaboration Tool for Channel Partner Programs
August 29, 2016
Allbound Unveils Robust Collaboration Tool for Channel Partner Programs

Co/Labs enables real-time communication and document sharing between channel teams and their partners and resellers


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PHOENIX, Ariz. (August 29, 2016) – Allbound, the leading partner sales acceleration platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution, today unveiled a robust solution to help streamline and simplify communication and collaboration between organizations and their channel partners, enabling easy, efficient exchanges of digital information. Co/LabsTM, the newest feature within the Allbound platform, delivers in-app messaging and secure collaboration rooms similar to popular platforms like Slack and Salesforce Chatter. Co/Labs, however, is configured specifically to help organizations collaborate with and support their channel partners.


Collaboration is a core component of Allbound’s platform and aligns with their “4 C’s of Partner Engagement,” which also includes Content Marketing, Customer Success and Culture. The addition of Co/Labs further enhances this focus with the ultimate goal of effectively eliminating the lengthy email threads, CC’s, and file exchanges that regularly develop between organizations and their partners and resellers when working on strategy, sales processes, and customer support.


“Helping partners feel included and engaged is a natural challenge for partner programs, and an area where most partners feel their vendors come-up short,” said Scott Salkin, Allbound Founder and CEO. “Meanwhile, over the last few years, we’ve seen collaboration platforms such as Slack make huge strides in helping teams work together more effectively and efficiently. We’re excited to bring a similar concept to the channel to help break down barriers, clear-up clutter, and most importantly, accelerate partner sales. By embedding collaboration in the way they do business day in and day out, we envision the real-time, simple nature of Co/Labs helping businesses eliminate the need for inter-channel email altogether.”


With the addition of Co/Labs, Allbound delivers everything needed for partner enablement, communications, deal tracking, and marketing support into one sleek, integrated solution that doesn’t require logging in and out of multiple platforms. Part of a larger collaboration suite that includes a curated Team Directory, Co/Labs enables instant file and link sharing, group and one-to-one discussions, and secure collaboration rooms for teams and partners. The intelligent collaboration tool was created specifically for channel, integrating key features such as the ability to archive, track and search data.


“Co/Labs solves so many real-world headaches that we’ve heard about first-hand from our customers and their partners,” said Kyle Burnett, co-founder and CTO of Allbound. “Now it’s possible for a vendor sales rep and technical engineer to collaborate and share ideas, content and data with their partners in real-time. Then, for example, invite a teammate from finance or legal to join the conversation, download a copy of a contract, re-upload a clean version, and view a history of the entire conversation in one place. Then securely archive everything.  It’s truly game changing.”


Co/Labs is available now as part of the COLLABORATE suite. Learn more about the channel communication tool.  


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