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Allbound Announces European Instance of PRM

ATLANTA – Aug. 25, 2021 – Allbound, a world-leader in partner relationship management technology, has announced the debut of its innovative European-based PRM hosting capabilities based on changes in data privacy related to Schrems II & Privacy Shield. The Germany-based data center was opened to further establish Allbound’s dedication to data security for its European customers.

Allbound is one of the few major global PRM companies to give its customers the option of a US or European-based data center. These highly secure data hubs ensure customer data compliance in accordance with global data privacy laws.

The installation of Allbound’s EU-based PRM hosting capabilities allows customers’ IT teams the option to keep their data in Europe. This integration will establish further compliance and increased privacy protection.

Allbound’s hosting capabilities are backed up by the company’s full infrastructure of international customer success, integration, and implementation teams. Allbound looks forward to its European instance of PRM to allow even further secure data growth for its global customers in the channel.



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