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Channel Sales Management & Enablement

Your Channel Sales Enablement Software to Help Partners Succeed
Support all stages of partner selling with an all-encompassing platform that facilitates prospect communication, deal registration, and pipeline management for optimal profitability and tracking.

Prospect Pages

Enable sales partners to make powerful impressions on prospects while successfully managing ongoing conversations from a single page. So long to easy-to-lose emails!

Sales Enablement Playbooks

Equip partners with sales playbooks that synchronize with registered deals to provide the perfect materials at the perfect time.

Deal Registration

Channel partners easily register new deals, enabling real-time CRM software integration and accurate sales funnel management. Plus, registered deals trigger targeted, guided strategies to help win opportunities.

Sales Software
Feature Benefits

Elegant prospect pages provide a positive first impression on which partners can build a fruitful relationship. Accompanying playbooks targeted towards specific audiences equip them with the confidence and know-how to turn leads into wins.

Follow prospects throughout the sales journey to establish a full view of potential opportunities registered in both your PRM and CRM tools.

Using a single system to manage all partner sales training, marketing, and deal registrations enables you to directly tie materials to results and evolve your strategy accordingly.

The software’s deal registration feature and CRM tool integration allow real-time pipeline updates. This prohibits prospect duplication and subsequent ambiguity about the originator of a new lead.

Allbound case studies prove time and time again that our PRM software increases sales partner engagement. The more partners interact with your learnings, the more they know your products and selling points to convincingly convey this information to prospects.

Allbound automated multiple responsibilities that would otherwise require the channel manager’s involvement, such as co-branding, content recommendations, and engagement-based push notifications. This enables sales partners to independently find solutions within the tool so they can further engage prospects without interruption.

Allbound’s channel enablement software inherently encourages partner self-sufficiency, template-usage, and well-defined processes, all which are necessary to grow.

Feature Benefits

FAQs About Channel Sales Management Software Features

Does the software automation still enable me to customize individual partner experiences?

Yes. Allbound combines strategic partner/content classifications with behavioral triggers to help you automatically curate a portal experience that caters to partners’ current needs.

You can segment partners based on different elements, such as their language and business vertical. Then, when uploading content, you can dictate which resources pertain to whom. This way, the channel software will serve only the materials that relate to their sales goals.

What’s more, you can set up the software to limit certain capabilities to a select group, or grant access to features or content based on user behaviors. For example, the portal software can point partners towards appropriate sales enablement playbooks based on a recently registered deal.

Finally, partners can pin their favorite sales enablement and training materials to the dashboard homepage, letting them further customize their own software experience. Partners can also build their own playbooks.

Can I integrate Allbound with my CRM to create a single, comprehensive view of my sales pipeline?
Allbound smoothly integrates with most CRMs and sales management systems, and we even have specialists who can assist with the process. This helps to streamline analysis and prevent conflict between your partner and direct sales teams.

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