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Prospect Pages

Attract partners and boost engagement with an attractive, intuitive-to-use platform designed to reflect your unique brand.


Use push notifications, interactive modules, and multi-tiered training courses to enable partners
to sell independently.

Deal Registration

Consolidate all partner materials in an easy-to-organize library and grant selective access based on which content themes apply most to different partners’ circumstances.

Sales Software
Feature Benefits

Elegant prospect pages provide a positive first impression on which partners can build a fruitful relationship. Accompanying playbooks targeted towards specific audiences equip them with the confidence and know-how to turn leads into wins.

Follow prospects throughout the sales journey to establish a full view of potential opportunities registered in both your PRM and CRM tools.

Using a single system to manage all partner sales training, marketing, and deal registrations enables you to directly tie materials to results and evolve your strategy accordingly.

The software’s deal registration feature and CRM tool integration allow real-time pipeline updates. This prohibits prospect duplication and subsequent ambiguity about the originator of a new lead.

Allbound case studies prove time and time again that our PRM software increases sales partner engagement. The more partners interact with your learnings, the more they know your products and selling points to convincingly convey this information to prospects.

Allbound automated multiple responsibilities that would otherwise require the channel manager’s involvement, such as co-branding, content recommendations, and engagement-based push notifications. This enables sales partners to independently find solutions within the tool so they can further engage prospects without interruption.

Allbound’s channel enablement software inherently encourages partner self-sufficiency, template-usage, and well-defined processes, all which are necessary to grow.

Feature Benefits

Simplify Channel Management and Increase Partner Engagement with Allbound.

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