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Channel Sales Enablement Features

Your Channel Sales Enablement Tool to Help Your Partners Sell

An intuitive PRM software to advance your partner sales results.

Deal Registration

Partners can register deals within the PRM portal, which are then automatically tracked in your CRM. This helps prevent channel conflict and gives partners visibility into their deal status to enable CRM integration and tracking, as well as prevent potential channel conflict. What’s more, Allbound can support sales by automatically suggesting materials applicable to a prospect’s position within the funnel.

Prospect Pages

Partners create prospect pages to effectively convey key points and a strong brand image. The page will present materials related to the latest sales conversation, as well as information about the prospect’s point of contact.


Your playbooks will equip partners with practical insights on how to lead potential customers through the sales funnel. Partners can easily find materials specific to industries or selling stages, helping them offer the right information at the right time.

Tool Integration

Integrate your toolset with Allbound for comprehensive insights and channel data management. This includes your CRM, social tools, and marketing automation.

Allbound’s Partner Marketing Features Enable You To…

Gain a Comprehensive Understanding of Your Pipeline

Follow prospects throughout the many stages of the sales journey to establish a full view of potential opportunities registered in both your PRM and CRM systems.

Collect Key Data to Improve Your Sales Process

With Allbound’s tracking capabilities, you can tie MDF decisions to prospects. What’s more, you can determine which materials are effective and identify potential areas of improvement.

Strengthen Partners’ Selling Ability Sales Revenue

Allbound makes it easy for partners to access the sales materials which will best connect with their prospects based on their specific needs. Plus, the platform enables them to co-brand documents without your involvement, minimizing interruptions to ongoing sales conversations.

Simplify Channel Management and Increase Partner Engagement with Allbound.

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Give your channel partner program an in-depth health-check utilizing the four key performance indicators (KPIs) proven to increase pipeline velocity.

As a bonus, you’ll see exactly how you stack-up against fellow industry leaders and get intelligent recommendations to improve problem areas – all in just minutes!