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Partner Plan

Allbound’s Partner Plan enable channel managers to pull big picture goal-setting and strategy into one easy-to-use, customizable in-platform feature. Make QBRs easy with open-ended prompts for a solution as unique as your partners.

Create customized business plans for key partners to define onboarding, co-marketing, training, and revenue targets so you can track partners’ performance towards plan.

Partner Plan empowers vendors to bring strategy, marketing tasks, onboarding targets, and sales insights into one easy-to-use shared space that all parties can view in real-time. The result is a dashboard that drives motivation with visualizations of progress while simplifying tracking and review.

Increase transparency so partners know what is expected of them, by when, and how they’re trending towards that goal. Plans can be visible to specific user roles or to individual users within the partner company.


The strategy component of Partner Plan is your birds-eye view into your strategic goals. Create these together with your partner so everyone is in alignment at the onset of the relationship.


Create an active list of marketing activities for partners based on agreed expectations. Tasks can be formatted as to-do items or left in a list format. Associate activities with a date range, cost, and expected ROI. Dynamically add MDF activity to the marketing tab through the MDF capabilities within Allbound. When MDFs are marked as complete in the MDF feature of Allbound, the partner plan instantly mirrors that change.


Partner training and onboarding provide clear insight into the learning tracks that need to be completed, per user and per company. Assign tasks to specific users within your partner companies or to a few users. The Allbound platform will allow both partners and vendors to see completed learning tracks and update the partner plan accordingly.


Create a clear guide for pipeline goals. Partner Plan will take your pipeline goals, measure the progress towards those goals, and turn them into a visual representation. The goals only need to be set once and will remain a marker of goal completion throughout the year. Goals can be monetary or be driven by a number of closed deals.

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