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Automate Partner Onboarding And Training

Invest in a Partner Training Platform that Supports Channel Growth and Dynamic Learning
Supply partners with an intuitive, structured training environment designed to nurture engagement and streamline onboarding.

Onboard Partners with Self-Serviced, Automated Training

Empower sales partners with an online, automated training they can complete independently within the platform. Effortlessly create learning tracks based on partner type, tier, geography, and vertical to cater directly to their unique priorities.

Automate Independent
Learning When Most
Convenient for Your Partners

Allbound makes it possible for channel partners to access materials no matter the time of day. Well‑defined training tracks and push notifications will make the next steps clear without your continuous involvement.

Offer Diverse
Learning Materials Including Video

The channel sales platform supports varied file types and mediums, enabling partner managers to serve multifaceted training experiences which benefit different learning styles.

Measure Partner Success Through Quizzes and Unlock New Trainings

As partners progress through sales trainings to earn certifications and badges, channel managers will receive real-time alerts and can make more courses available.

Intelligent Search Function

Channel partners can find assets by entering a search term, prompting the platform to present related training and sales enablement resources.

Localized Language Capabilities

Partners will automatically view training resources prepared in their preferred language.

The Platform Experience Caters
to Partners’ Unique Training-Level and

Customize unique learning tracks for different partner types inspired by their title, vertical, geography, and more. Each time partners log into the portal, they’ll receive a new experience based on their current certification level, suggested next steps, and the sales training materials you deem most relevant for them.

Partner Recruitment

Use prospect pages to interact, introduce, and engage with potential new partners. Give them a taste of what they can expect from your sophisticated partner portal.

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FAQs About Partner Training Within the Allbound Platform

Can I view which partners interact with specific training modules within the platform?

Yes. The platform grants insights into individuals’ activities, including login frequency and training content interactions. Similarly, you can view such insights for partner groups. This information can provide helpful context when communicating with newer participants and assessing their level of commitment.

Is it possible to be alerted when partners have completed a Learning Track?

Yes. With Partner Journey Automation, you can set up notification alerts when partners have or have not completed a Learning Track. You can also send messages directly to your partners in response to these updates.

Can I create an onboarding and training track based on partner type or industry?

You can predetermine which training materials apply to which groups of partners when uploading content into the platform. In turn, the PRM will only show Learning Tracks specific to the partner’s needs.

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