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Partner Certifications

Say It With Us: Partners are an Extension of Your Brand.

Partners represent you in their interactions with prospects – so it’s important to ensure that partners meet specific standards of knowledge, skills, or expertise.

Feature Overview

Certifications can increase a partner organization’s credibility and reputation by demonstrating that it has a team of qualified and knowledgable professionals who are committed to maintaining high standard.

Quality comes with consistency. Certifications help maintain the quality of your products or services and ensure customer satisfaction.

Here’s How Allbound Can Help

The Allbound Certification capability allows you to ensure your partners are put in the proper position to sell your products before publicly representing your brand. Take training one step further with certifications.

Gain Ability in These Key Areas

Automate certification issuance based on learning track or external training completion

Sync training and completion of the said training from external LMS into Allbound

Allow sharing of certificates on LinkedIn and different social media sites

Report on training completed in Allbound or External LMS

Manage all certifications in one centralized location

Here’s How to Put it Into Practice


Automate the Process of Issuing Certification

Include badges in the training program to facilitate seamless certification issuance upon completion


Manage Certifications

Streamline your certification process with our powerful certification management system.


Accessing User Certifications Made Easy with Our Certification Management System

Track and view all certifications issued to a specific user with our easy-to-use certification management system.


Digital Certificates You Can Count On

Provide your learners with secure, digital certificates that can be easily verified online using our certification system.

Simplify Channel Management and Increase Partner Engagement with Allbound.

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