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Co-Brand Sales Materials

Enable Partners To Co-Brand Sales Collateral To Improve Their Ability To Sell

Offer partners on-demand co-branding capabilities within the portal. They can add their logo to your already created collateral to produce polished sales materials.

How Co-Branding Works

You grant co-branding capabilities to specific partner groups within the portal

You choose which documents partners can co-brand.

Partners use the portal to add their logo to materials

They download resources to share with interested prospects.

Extend Your Brand Through the Channel

Expedite Partners’ Sales Process

Automate co-branding to grant immediate access to necessary content, 24/7. This enables partners to smoothly guide prospects along the sales process without the delay that comes with requesting materials from you by email.

Eliminate the Need to Manually Fulfill Requests for Co-branding

With content available for co-branding immediately available to partners, they no longer rely upon you to complete this request. You can choose which partners have co-branding abilities with tiers and groups.

Professional Presentation of All Messaging

Co-branding sales materials helps to make a strong impression on your partners’ sales prospects and keeps your brand messaging consistent. From there, you can track what collateral resonates with your partners and their prospects.

Simplify Channel Management and Increase Partner Engagement with Allbound.

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