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Co-Brand Sales Materials

Automate Co-Branding to Save Time and Uphold Presentation Standards
Grant partners immediate, around-the-clock access to necessary sales content they can independently co-brand.

How Co-branding Works

  • You grant co-branding capabilities to specific partner groups within the portal
  • You choose which documents partners can co-brand
  • Partners use the portal to add their logo to materials accompanied by their value proposition. They can also adjust the font, size, and colors.
  • They download resources to their chosen device to share with interested prospects

Protect Your Brand Integrity

Allbound’s Co-Branding tool allows admins to grant editing access to partners. Partners can add their own company logo, value proposition, and download directly to their computer or mobile device. This setting is applied on a per-piece basis so you can be deliberate in what can and cannot be co-branded by your partners. Your partner will not be able edit the existing document.

Expedite Partners’
Sales Process

Partners have several options when it comes to how they can adjust the document: upload a logo directly into the editor and/or use the logo currently on record for their account, add their logo to all pages of a multi-page document, adjust the font, size, colors and other features of the value prop, and more. They will only be able to add to the document.

Total Control Over Co‑branding Access

Grant co-branding capabilities to specific partner groups, industries, certifications achieved, and more. Limit rights based on your internal company tiers and partner initiatives.

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