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Allbound Data Connectors

Introducing Allbound Data Connectors: Unleash the Power of Your Allbound Data with Seamless Integration to Business Intelligence Tools.

Experience the future of data-driven decision-making with Allbound Data
Connectors, the cutting-edge solution designed to effortlessly link your
valuable Allbound data to top-tier Business Intelligence (BI) tools like
Power BI Desktop and Tableau.


Take your PRM data to new heights by add it as a data source to the BI
tools you already know and love. Streamline your analysis process with
secure integrations to leading BI tools.

Get the Most Out of Your Analytics

While you’re already rocking the platform analytics with Allbound Channel Insights, brace yourself for the ultimate joyride with Allbound’s Data Connectors. Get ready to:

Use the BI Tool of Your Choice

If you are already using Power BI Desktop or Tableau for all your other business intelligence and data visualization you can connect your Allbound data to continue to use a
 single BI tool for all your data analysis and visualization.

Get Insights Across Multiple SaaS Data Sources

Your BI tool allows you to connect multiple data
sources including your Allbound PRM, your CRM, your ERP, your marketing automation system, your custom success platform, and many other data sources. This allows you to join your data together to answer your more complex questions.


Expand Your Analytics with Increased Flexibility in a BI Tool Beyond Channel Insights

You may have a
need for analytics that differ from what is provided in Channel Insights. Using a BI tool with your Allbound data allows you to create your own queries, graphs, and dashboards giving you the flexibility to control how you are analyzing and visualizing your data.

Here’s How it Works

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