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Gain visibility into partner actions and engagement with Allbound’s PRM platform.

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Gain visibility into partner actions and engagement with Allbound's PRM platform.

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Allbound PRM Features

Simplify and Automate Your Channel Partner Program to Accelerate Sales and Empower Partners
Allbound PRM software empowers partner managers with a host of features designed to improve efficiency, communication, data-sharing, and more. It’s a robust solution for your partner program needs.

Channel Marketing

Partner Portal

Increase Engagement with
Fully Interactive Portal

Partners can find and utilize the assets they need most by simply entering a term, prompting the portal to present related resources. Gain visibility into partner program engagement metrics within Allbound.


Improve Partner
Product Knowledge

Entrust your brand and product to your ecosystem of partners by making sure they’re properly trained to sell your product. Protect access to selling your products for people who are trained and track who has completed training.

Content Library

Unlimited Content Storage

Store all of your content resources in Allbound. You can create and organize how you want your partners to view your collateral through customized groupings. Restrict access to certain materials based on partner groups.


Increase Brand Awareness While Protecting Brand Integrity

Allbound offers best in class co-branding capabilities with unlimited content storage. Partners can effortlessly co-brand themselves to simplify co-marketing efforts.

Market Development Funds (MDF)

Gain Clear Visibility Into Partner Marketing Campaigns

Manage your MDF usage across all partners. Allbound enables you to track one marketing program against another to optimize spend.

Channel Sales Enablement

Partner Prospect Pages

Create a Custom Sales Experience for Prospects

Partners can create customized private landing pages for each potential customer. You can track their engagement with the content they’ve uploaded to that page.

Sales Enablement Playbooks

Preparing Partners for Every Step of the Buying Cycle

Playbooks serve as the roadmap partners need to expertly guide customers through the buying cycle. Provide easy access to materials when they’re needed the most.

Unified Pipeline

Deal Registration

Prevent conflict within your channel or with direct sales with clear deal registration. The Allbound PRM tool can seamlessly coordinate with your CRM, driving unified pipeline management. This makes it easier to oversee lead distribution and co-selling activities.


Allbound Works as a Layer in
Your Technology Stack

Integrate Allbound with your current toolset for a seamless and effective partner management technology stack. Utilize your CRM, marketing automation, and more within your partner program to simplify your partner sales cycle.

Simplify Channel Management and Increase Partner Engagement with Allbound.

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