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Allbound’s Customer

Reference Program

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Customers that enter the program will receive $100 off their next bill and a $50 Gift Card. Additionally, you will receive a $75 Gift Card each time you talk with a potential customer.

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How it works

1. Sign Up to Be Enrolled

Fill out the form to sign up and be entered into the customer referral program

2. We’ll Get in Touch with You

After you apply, a member of our Customer Success team will reach out to you and get you set up

3. You Earn Rewards

Once you enroll and a member of our Customer Success team enters you into the referral bank, you get rewarded with $100 off your next bill and a $50 gift card!

4. Earn Bonus Rewards

Each time you speak with a potential customer you’ll receive a $75 gift card!

You may choose to opt out of the Customer Referral program at any time by logging into University to change your referral status.