Understanding the Shift From Partner Relationship Management

By Ruli Garcia | August 15, 2017

Traditional partner relationship management (PRM) in theory was exceptional, in that it was designed to keep partner sales teams organized and productive. However, instead of providing a springboard for the...

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Channel Management Essentials: How to Recruit & Retain the Right Partners

By Nicki Kamau | August 8, 2017

 For those without a clear strategy, recruiting and retaining channel partners may seem like a gamble. After all, you don’t want to put in all the work to find partners,...

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Successful Strategic Alliances: J.C. Penney and Sephora

By Nicki Kamau | July 6, 2017

Perhaps you’ve walked into the main level of a J.C. Penney recently and noticed something in the middle of the store that seems a bit off brand: the signature black...

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How to Gauge Whether or Not Your Channel Partners Are Improving

By Katie Propati | June 29, 2017

We hate to break it to you: Your partners have priorities other than simply selling your product. As resellers for numerous brands, channel partners interface with numerous companies at any...

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Channel Management and Time Management: Streamline Your Workday

By Greg Reffner | June 22, 2017

What would you do with one more hour in your day? An even better question is “How can you find ways to carve that additional hour or more out of...

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Partner Activation: Earning Buy-In From Your Channel Partners

By Ross Van Wyk | June 13, 2017

The total number of partners in your channel doesn’t reveal all that much. While this quantitative factor may be a confidence booster, it’s ultimately just that: a number. Instead, the...

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