Strategic Alliance Examples That Failed And Why

By Katie Propati | November 8, 2017

As companies grow, they often find themselves looking to other companies to create new advantages. Strategic partnerships are mutual agreements in which companies establish objectives and goals to accomplish together....

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How to Improve Communication with Channel Partners to Skyrocket Sales

By Katie Propati | October 10, 2017

Consider partner communication one of the vital organs essential for survival in channel sales. Effective communication builds strong relationships with channel partners and improves productivity, which, in turn, drives sales...

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You Got a Job in Channel Management—Now What?

By Katie Propati | October 5, 2017

First off, congratulations on the new role! And if it’s your first time in channel management, welcome to an exciting industry. With a little planning and legwork, you should be...

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Which Comes First: Starting a Channel Program or Buying Partner Management Software?

By Scott Salkin | September 26, 2017

New to the world of channel sales? First off, welcome—and know that you’ve made a wise choice. As the world of sales continues its rapid evolution, you know it’s important...

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7 Signs You Found the Ideal Channel Sales Partner

By Greg Reffner | September 7, 2017

You’ve done your research to find and recruit channel sales partners. You’ve put in the effort to onboard them. And now you’re wondering if your efforts have paid off. (more…)

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Understanding the Shift From Partner Relationship Management

By Ruli Garcia | August 15, 2017

Traditional partner relationship management (PRM) in theory was exceptional, in that it was designed to keep partner sales teams organized and productive. However, instead of providing a springboard for the...

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