What is a Sales Acceleration Platform?

Posted on August 9, 2016

By Jen Spencer


sales acceleration platformIn sales, moving quickly is important. Thanks to increased competition, more educated buyers, and a shortened purchasing cycle, the sales game has changed over the years.

Effective sales acceleration is more than speed. Speed without control is doomed for failure. And a true sales acceleration platform balances components of both speed and control.

But what exactly is a sales acceleration platform? For starters, we like to consider it an expansion of sales enablement.

If you’ve been in sales for some time, you may know the buzzword sales enablement. Enablement is a relatively new function designed to enable B2B businesses to sell with greater confidence.

However, the definition of sales enablement differs across organizations. According to a HubSpot study, participants identified nine different tasks that could potentially fall under the sales enablement umbrella, including coaching, onboarding, and content creation.

While enablement is great in theory, some 25% of surveyed participants admitted that it had slight to no known contribution. Additionally, most organizations with ineffective enablement processes report that the concepts are poorly or very poorly understood. We think that enablement had a tough time showing its true ROI.

The Birth of a Term

That’s why the sales world has moved on to sales acceleration—an entirely new category. Sure, everyone wants movement and growth. But sales acceleration represents the entire sales ecosystem, taking the whole circle of everything into consideration. Sales acceleration represents the ability to remove latency between connection with a contact and delivery of the sale.

So is acceleration just another buzzword? To the uninitiated, perhaps. However, acceleration represents processes, systems, leadership, your internal team, and your channel partners.

Some would say that acceleration is just like any other word applied to describe the evolution of the sales process. The difference between enablement and acceleration, however, is that the fundamentals of the latter are entirely real. The idea of accelerating the selling process and making it easier to connect and provide value to your customers has been with sales since the days of CRM.

Call it what you want. Sales acceleration represents progress and productivity. Sure, the term may change over time. But the idea behind sales growth will continue to progress. True partner sales acceleration platforms improve sales efficacy with better engagement and organization. From training and certifications to quizzes and multi-step tracking processes, these platforms empower partner sales to sell quicker and more effectively.

Much like the customer and technology evolve, the modern salesperson has to adjust accordingly. Sales acceleration is the result of combining stellar people with smart tools to drive sales. Call it a buzzword if you’d like. But sales acceleration is here to stay.

Jen Spencer

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