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Three-and-a-Half Breakout Sessions that Have Me Jazzed for Inbound

Written by Jen Spencer | September 03, 2015

If you’ve ever attended Inbound, HubSpot’s annual conference on all things inbound marketing, then you know it’s an event that’s not to be missed. Really. Those of us who have participated previously could not imagine not being there for four amazing days of motivational keynotes and inspirational bold talks, not to mention hacks, tips and tricks from fellow HubSpotters.

Why else do we love Inbound? HubSpot is rocking the sales and marketing universe with closed-loop “smarketing. ” Sales + Marketing = Smarketing (that’s for you, Dan Tyre). No more excuses from sales that the leads coming from marketing are no good. No more complaints from marketing that sales isn’t following up with the right leads at the right time.

A world where sales and marketing is in a constant state of kumbaya? To quote one of last year’s keynote speakers, “It’s a good thing.”

Everyone’s excited about this year’s keynote speaker lineup: Seth Godin, Brene Brown, Aziz Ansari, Chelsea Clinton, Daniel Pink, and (of course) Inbound wouldn’t be complete without Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah.

While I can’t wait to hear the inspirational goodness exude from this year’s keynotes, I’m also anxiously awaiting a number of breakout sessions next week. Here are three in particular that have caught my eye:

Steve Rubel’s Communicating in Constellations

According to Steve Rubel, one of the biggest challenges that communications and marketing professionals face is the proliferation of content options coupled with limited time and attention and mobile-centric media consumption habits. Steve, I’m intrigued. Here at Allbound this is one of many issues we see companies navigate within their partner channels. You’re right. Our environment IS changing, and we all must pivot as we navigate our new landscapes.

            Our environment IS changing, and we all must pivot as we navigate our new landscapes. #partnersalesacceleration

Bryan Eisenberg’s Creating Legendary Brands

Many of us love marketing for its perfect marriage of art and science, and that’s what has me so intrigued by Bryan Eisenberg’s talk on the Buyer Legends process and how we can align metrics with previously hard-to-measure marketing, sales, and customer service processes. Every day I’m living and breathing content marketing, and I’m seeking ways to better understand that content through the power of analytics.

Mitch Joel’s The Pulse of Creativity, Data and the Future of Brands

I love how Mitch Joel shares, “We live in a culture of change … Disruption is everywhere,” but then clarified this and says that now it’s not as much about technology as it is about people. Yes. Technology HAS changed people. Our audiences are more efficient. They expect more. We’ve written a few times here at Allbound about organizations and their partners having outgrown PRM. It’s definitely time to evolve.

            Technology HAS changed people. Our audiences are more efficient. They expect more. #partnersalesacceleration

So that was three, and I know I promised you three and a half. My “half” is a shameless plug for my own session — hey, I’m jazzed, ok?

If you’re headed to Inbound, and you’d like to take a peek into the trenches of a non-profit professional theatre company and hear how I was able to take some “not-always-pleasant” experiences and convert them into textbook leadership lessons, come check out my Bold Talk at 2:30pm on Thursday.