PRM vs. Partner Sales Acceleration

Posted on July 5, 2016

By Jen Spencer


Sure, innovation sparks reinvention. But what happens when it causes total disruption? Some may write it off as progress; others consider it pure chaos. At Allbound we say, “Innovation is the new black.”

The best part about reinventing old-school tools used by businesses within their partner channels is that it’s uncharted territory. And while we’ve named it “Partner Sales Acceleration,” it doesn’t really mean anything to anyone—not yet, at least.

We’ve got to start somewhere, though. To begin, let’s review what partner sales acceleration software is not.

It is not a PRM.

As anyone who has been involved in sales since the ‘90s will tell you, Partner Relationship Management (PRM) is a system of business strategies that—at one point in time—improved communication between companies and their channel partners, by managing vendor-partner relationships. For decades, PRM software was the go-to conduit that connected an organization and its partners to support activities such as lead management, sales forecasting, order processing, and partner commissions.

Sounds great, right? It was.

While PRM software helped channel sales teams stay organized—which helped increase productivity and impact organization’s bottom lines—as channel requirements became increasingly complex, it became a dumping ground for useless content and data.

Blame it on the necessity of interconnectedness. What was once easy-to-use, intuitive software devolved into a chaotic, confusing mess.

Fast forward to 2016: the buyer’s journey has changed significantly; the workforce has become younger and more mobile; and the cloud has evolved to focus on relationships and customer success. Suffice it to say that these days, PRM is all but dead.

PRM vs. Partner Sales Acceleration: Enter Partner Sales Acceleration software.

Modern sales channel ecosystem demand millions of dollars to be spent on content. However, channel marketers have had no real way to track a specific piece of content’s effectiveness with their partners. And to make matters worse, a majority of content and training material is never actually seen by those same partner sales reps.

In case you haven’t connected the dots already, it’s clear that this is an ecosystem begging for innovation. Ripe for disruption. And we’re here to say that it has been reinvented.

These days, cloud-based software transcends traditional partner and channel management solutions to provide the same level of visibility throughout each of its resellers—all the way down to the indirect customer.

Single, SaaS toolsets are shaking up channel sales and marketing with cloud-based platforms that close the loop on channel engagement. Partner Sales Acceleration software is improving partner adoption, engagement, and effectiveness. And it’s ensuring that partners and sales reps engage in content-driven communication that removes roadblocks and closes deals.

Why rely on an outdated PRM when you can adopt Partner Sales Acceleration software and immediately see real, measurable growth in channel revenue? So please, join us in bidding adieu to the 1990s.

Jen Spencer

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