Meet #AllStar Matt Hensler: Allbound Director of Customer Success

Posted on June 10, 2016

By Nicki Kamau



At Allbound we’re more than just a software company. We’re a team of passionate individuals working together to change the way sales and marketing is accomplished in the channel. Our customer success leader is #AllStar Matt Hensler, Allbound’s strategy-driven, vanilla ice-cream-eating, checkered shirt-wearing deliverer of honesty (with lots of wit). #OurRock

Customer success is an emerging industry concept and has gained momentum in a number of software organizations. Can you give us a quick overview of why the concept of customer success is such a critical element in so many organizations?

What you need is to really focus on delivering a great experience for the customers that you have, and make sure they’re going to become repeat customers, renewal customers, so that ultimately each year your growth that you experience starts from a different baseline of revenue — and that every year you’re not replacing revenue with new customers. Ultimately, customer success as an industry concept is about making sure that you retain the customers you have and that anything that comes in new is really about scaling your business.

What does customer success mean for Allbound?

Customer success is less about our software and more about the application and really making sure that we’re taking the software, configuring it and applying it for our customers in a way that meets the needs of their partner ecosystem. We are really hands-on in making sure that we guide our customers through how to implement the software effectively, make sure that they’re using the right features that their partners are going to respond to, and ultimately we want to make sure that they understand the value they’re getting from the product so that they know the tool is being leveraged effectively to meet their business goals of their indirect sales channel.   

I know a lot of software companies have implementation and support teams, but from the perspective of one of our customers,what makes Allbound’s customer success department different?

Every single day we’re interacting with our customers. We’re talking with them, collaborating with them on how to configure the product, how to use the product, ways to optimize their use of the product based on what we’re seeing in the analytics, and we have as many ideas coming from our customer base as we do from our own brainstorming sessions. And, the nice thing about those ideas is that they’re rooted in use bases — real world use cases.

How does your team help customers use Allbound to support channel partners?

When you think about going to market through channel partners, there’s kind of some extra complexities. There’s content that needs to be delivered to those partners uniquely — different than how it’s delivered to customers directly. And you also have to think about those different types of partner users or partner contacts. Is it a technical person, or sales engineer, or is it a sales rep with a partner organization? And making sure that the experience and the interaction with your organization via Allbound really meets their information needs in that moment so they get exactly what they need and move on helping you earn more customers and grow your business.

That makes sense — the people who are interacting with the software come from different backgrounds and may have different goals.

What we’re trying to do is provide a space for suppliers and their partners to interact with each other. To not get bogged down in the logistics and the operational components of a partnership, but to really create an environment that allows them to work together more effectively, to collaborate effectively, and ultimately get to that value that started the partnership to begin with.

Good point. I suppose like any relationship if you don’t work at it, it can be easy to forget what brought you together in the first place.

Ultimately the thing that we’re trying to restore is the value of the partnership and making sure that people both get something from those interactions and from the partnership that eventually allows both organizations to grow.

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