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Making Your Partners’ Sales Reps Into Superstars

Written by Jen Spencer | September 08, 2015

Have you heard? The content marketing revolution is here. Find me a company that is not using content marketing in some way or another, and I'll tell you how content marketing can efficiently and strategically boost their revenue (with very little overhead cost). And yes, I'm a marketer, so of course I'm biased. But here's the thing: Salespeople have caught on. They "get it."

I recently found this great infographic from Salesforce and Kapost (see below) about how content can transform salespeople. In short, the right content (distributed in the right way) can transform salespeople into teachers, problem solvers, coaches, thought leaders, and partners.

            " ... the right content can transform salespeople into teachers, problem solvers, coaches, thought leaders, and partners." - @goallbound

Moreover, with the power of good content also comes trust. People expect salespeople to be constantly trying to sell something (um, because they are). What did Alec Baldwin's character "Blake" in Glengarry Glen Ross teach us? ABC. Always be closing.

So, what happens when a salesperson is sharing tools, resources, and information that matter to his or her prospects that aren't explicitly self-serving? Trust is established.

Like I said, salespeople have caught on, and more and more marketing and sales leaders are working together to change the way leads come in, are nurtured, and ultimately closed. Unfortunately, this revolution is not yet happening in the channel.

Think about your 3rd party sales reps. The sales teams of your resellers, distributors, referrers. How are you leveraging good content to help THEM become sales superstars who can champion your brand?

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