Hi, This Is Your Sales Channel … You Need Help

Posted on January 18, 2016

By Jen Spencer

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Hi, This Is Your Sales Channel ... You Need Help

Hi there favorite vendor of mine! You’ve been taking me for granted for quite a while, and we have to have a talk. It’s not that I particularly mind; after all, it’s your money and wasted potential. But I could be much more, and you’re not using me to my full potential … it’s a little hurtful.

“Spray and Pray” Is Not the Best

Honestly, you’re a bit stuck in the old “brute-force” way of doing things, and it isn’t working. The problem isn’t in your product; I’ve seen it in action and there are many stories of customer success. The issue lies in how you’re utilizing me, your indirect sales channel. Your campaigns blast lists of unwilling, unreceptive people that don’t take into account my relationships. You’re speaking at them and ignoring what they really want and need — and I can be helping you better understand those needs, if you just asked or looked in the right places.

Communication is Key

I need you to communicate more with me so I can better communicate with our customers. You may not realize this, but I can facilitate many of these conversations, and it would help if you embraced a philosophy of collaboration, instead of management and control. You’ve grown to the point where your linear communication significantly impacts your response time, and it’s starting to negatively affect our customers. I completely understand your predicament. Just trying to organize all the internal product, marketing, advertising and support departments is tough enough. Once you add in all the external vendors, manufacturers, shipping, logistics and contractors, it gets exponentially more difficult. Trying to do it in a linear fashion just sets you up for failure. Remember that in the end, when communication breaks down, it is OUR customers who suffer. They often have very little patience and move on to other alternatives.

The Way Forward

You’ve worked extremely hard to create a product that provides significant value. Now you have to make me into a smarter sales channel that can reach your target customers. I could be providing you with qualitative and quantitative feedback (we’re talking data here) that could help accelerate performance. I could be leveraging my internal marketing automation and CRM systems and share common information with you. I could be empowering all of our sales reps to share, better facilitating the sales process and shortening the sales cycles.

I know what you’re thinking, and for the love of all my bits and bytes, please don’t add yet another piece of tech to my already frankensteined configuration. I deserve better than that. You need something that will give us all the tools we all need to succeed, and at the same time simplifying our technology stacks. There really is no better option. You need Allbound. I need Allbound, but more importantly, so do our customers.

Jen Spencer

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