Get to Know Bubba Page, CEO and Founder of OUTRO

Posted on June 20, 2016

By Nicki Kamau



Meet CO:LLABORATE 2016 speaker, Bubba Page. Bubba Page is the Founder & CEO of OUTRO, where he is focused on helping businesses generate leads, find new employees, get introduced to investors and advisors, recruit volunteers and donors, and drive traffic to your app or website, all through trusted friends. He recently won the 40 Under 40 Award 2016 from Utah Business Magazine, is an Columnist on Entrepreneurship & Sales and has been recognized as one of the Top 40 Salespeople to follow on Twitter. And at CO:LLABORATE 2016, he’ll share his expertise in social selling and content in the channel with YOU.

What about sales and marketing are you most passionate about?

My very first start up was LaunchLeads in the business-to-business space. LaunchLeads is an out-sourced, inside sales team. So we were literally making cold calls to set up meetings for people. That sales development side, I’ve always had a passion for just because that’s where I started in the B2B career side of things. But most recently with, it’s all based around referral automation, so the interesting side of things is that there’s an irony here where you have one business that is completely focused on outbound-ing and cold calling and the other is almost trying to kill cold calling with referrals and warm intros. You know, we’ve found – and I think anybody knows this when they get a referral or a warm intro – they are always going to have an easier time getting through the door, they’re most likely going to have a shorter sales cycle, and potentially even a higher close rate. Everybody knows that stuff, but it’s about being able to scale those introductions and get more than just a handful here and there from friends, or co-workers, or clients. Something that I’m most excited about today is being able to focus on how can we as a sales-oriented society – especially focused on channel sales, or inside sales, or outbound sales – leverage relationships for the better and be able to help people solve problems with needed solutions. At OUTRO, we believe in a triple opt-in introduction. When we say triple opt-in essentially all three parties – the person who wants the intro, the middleman, and the person who is being introduced – have all opted in and are interested in talking to one another so that there is no spammy nature, there are no blind introductions, and the quality of those intros is coming through. That’s where we feel like in all the different aspects of sales and even in the hiring perspective, that there’s some real excitement in the market right now.

How do you see the sales ecosystems evolving?

Actually, I wrote an Inc. article about sales ecosystems, and that’s a great question – I get to write for Inc. on B2B sales and entrepreneurship, and being a startup CEO, so that’s pretty exciting. Way back in the day we were all relationship people. We had to talk to each other in person, we had to go door-to-door, bring a briefcase; we had to create those relationships in order to sell. As marketing automation started to take off, and now with sales automation starting to take off, these two technology resources and the influx of social media and what people are calling “social selling”, there’s a lot of connecting online. This obviously helps people to scale their ability to reach out and hopefully start relationships with folks, but what I believe is happening and the changes that are occurring, is that relationships are coming back. It’s kind of like whatever fashion was popular in the 70’s or 80’s is coming back as what’s popular now. It’s almost the same thing with sales. The way to do business in the past was relationship oriented and then it moved away from that because of all the tech that came into play, and now it’s coming back to being more about the relationship and more about the experience people are having. Sales is part of that customer experience that I think a lot of companies forget when building an application or a platform and there are new users coming on, sales is a huge function of that user experience. Did the client have a good experience walking through sales, or did they feel like they had a used car salesman slinging a deal their way? Or was it really a solution type sales process where they’re helping them solve problems? It’s my belief that we’re going back into the relationship side of selling. It’s more important to create real relationships again, and that’s how more business will get done in the future.

Why should CO:LLABORATE guests attend your session specifically?

Well the real answer is because my name is Bubba and I was a fat baby. That I think is probably enough. No, I’m kidding. Hopefully we can have some fun. I love speaking. I get to speak all over the country at different events. I was just in Ireland at the Sales Institute of Ireland. My whole goal when I’m speaking at an event is to really engage with everyone that’s there. I want to make sure that we’re talking about the real questions that people have, not just a pre-scripted message. I find a pre-scripted presentation to be too restricting. My goal is to be able to take the experiences that I have from building a few different start-up companies myself. Whether it’s from boot-strapping that company, or venture-back that company now with OUTRO, whether it’s hiring my own sales team, or whether it’s hiring a sales team for our clients, doing the out-sourcing of sales, taking the approach for PR from market research and bringing it into the sales development role and discussing how they can leverage that, and then ultimately being able to optimize flexibility to get referrals, and warm intros since we’ve taken a deep dive into that in the last couple of years with OUTRO, I want to give you build you up with my experiences. I feel like there’s quite a bit there that people don’t know about, so hopefully I can share and we can all learn together.

Want to hear more of what Bubba Page has to say? Register for CO:LLABORATE below to attend the Experts Panel on Social Selling and Content, and listen to his perspective on how and why valuable content and social selling can be used in the channel, and where that plays into sales and marketing plans for both suppliers and partners.


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