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Partner Loyalty: Engaged vs. Empowered

One of the most enduring and contended challenges for organizations with indirect sales channels is the data and metrics used to measure channel performance. What metrics really matter? What don’t? Which vendors do we believe? And, is this really so complex that we need a scientist to make it meaningful?

Forrester Research..

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How to Serve Your Partners and Build Brand Loyalty

Jamaica does look nice ... but that's not what it's about.

Building brand loyalty in the channel these days requires a much more robust and hands-on formula for success when compared to yesteryear’s practice of more emails, more telemarketing campaigns, more swag and sexier incentive programs. In other words, like most modern..

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Marketing Automation: #NoFilter

It amazes me that as marketers, we’re typically not only the best curators of filters, buzzwords and bloated vernacular (pun intended), but also the most likely to buy into the very buzz we create. For example…

  1. Snackable Content
  2. Storytelling
  3. sMarketing
  4. Contentification
  5. Marketing Automation

Which of these are real and..

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25 "sMarketing" Apps to Make 2016 Your Best Sales and Marketing Year Ever

 If you attended Sales Hacker's SalesStack conference this past fall, you got a glimpse into the growing world of B2B sales and marketing (sMarketing) technologies that are inundating the marketplace. In their January 2015 "Supergraphic," counted 1,876 vendors represented across 43 categories - nearly double..

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The Future of the Channel? Content, Collaboration, and the Customer

The last decade has brought more change and innovation to sales and marketing than any other time in history – including the advent of television. But at the end of the day, what’s really changed most is the connection points that unite buyers and sellers. In today’s world, with the overwhelming amount of content available..

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Does Your Channel Belong in a Museum?

channel noun chan·nel \ˈcha-nəl\ A strait or narrow sea between two close landmasses; a means of communication or expression as (1) : a single path along which information passes (2): a fixed or official course of communication.

One very cool benefit of being headquartered here in Phoenix is our proximity to Avnet, one of..

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Why the “Channel Stack” is a Terrifyingly Outdated Idea

“If you are marketing technology, you are either: disrupting an existing category, creating a new category—or you’re at the wrong company” — Anthony Kennada, Gainsight VP of Marketing.

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Unicorn, Schmunicorn —Just Go Build Your Empire

Unicorns. They're all the chatter, right? Heck, I even bought a high-gloss, gold-covered paper mâché unicorn head for our office conference room a few weeks ago to give the team a nice Monday chuckle.

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Innovation is Driving Change, Wealth and Jobs in Arizona

Unless you’re a part of Arizona’s red-hot (no pun intended) startup ecosystem, chances are you had no idea that the most money in the country in a technology commercialization challenge is awarded right here.

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